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NSW Uncalibrated speedometer

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by evelknievel75, Jan 5, 2010.

  1. any idea what this means? that the officer can't use the speedo alone to issue a ticket or that it the bikes speedo isn't calibrated to the radar unit above....?

    i took this photo today after drooling over the following bike
  2. Unrelated, but the FJR is such a kickarse looking bike.
  3. What does it matter? If you're pulled over it's going to be HIS word that prevails, not your's, whatever you think of his speedo....
  4. That is why it has the elctronic calibrated speedo above! It means he uses the above speedo (with switch to lock on the reading) to measure your speed. All new cars and motorcycles have incorrect speedos, most will read 100 km/h when you are doing 95-97 km/h. Unless they are calibrated they should not be used for speed detection.
  5. hornet, ](*,) :LOL:.....of course it matters. I am more technically interested, not legally.
  6. I had a squizzie at several marked and unmarked police cars parked in Melbourne a few weeks ago. Every one of them had a sticker on the dash informing the driver that the speedometer had been calibrated with a +/- 2 kph error.

    Don't know about police bikes though. My ZZR250 and a FZ6N I hired overestimate by 6-7% at 110 kph indicated, so it's no surprise to me that NSW police have that sticker on the FJR.
  7. I've been told the electronic device above is the device used to feed the camera footage the speed recorded. This device is calibrated as against the motorbike's speedometer. It would (and has, like, a few weeks ago in Wollongong) been the basis of an appeal.

    Don't know if it was successful...
  8. Your all wrong, it's so the police can cruise around as fast as they want then blame the "uncelebrated" speedo....

  9. The device IS the calibrated speedo used for speed detection and would be a standalone unit, and not connected to the bike speedo as such (it may share the sender unit).

    It would also be connected to any onboard video (if fitted) and the bike's speed would be constantly updated on the video once the video is activated. These speedos, like any other detection device must be regularly calibrated to +/- 2 kmh by an authorised person and are then usually 'sealed' as per relevant legislation and once that is done it is accepted as 'prima facie' evidence. It would be interesting to see the result of any appeal though.
  10. thks dave....this is what i am after.

    ( plus a full schematics for the radar :LOL: )