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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tanyathecheeky, May 21, 2006.

  1. http://www.independentmail.com/and/news/article/0,1886,AND_8203_4646432,00.html

    This happened in America

    Accident leads to death of motorcyclist
    By ALISON GLASS Anderson Independent-Mail
    April 24, 2006

    A Piedmont woman died Sunday after a pickup truck accidentally struck the motorcycle she was attempting to drive out of the Anderson Jockey Lot.

    Christina Howard, 39, of Rosalee Drive suffered multiple internal injuries and died in the emergency room at AnMed Health Medical Center shortly after 2:15 p.m. Sunday, Anderson County Deputy Coroner Charlie Boseman said.

    As Ms. Howard waited to make a left turn onto U.S. 29 out of the Jockey Lot at approximately 1:45 p.m. Sunday, a 2004 Ford pickup truck was started from a stopped position and struck the motorcycle from behind, said Lance Cpl. Dan Marsceau, a South Carolina Highway Patrol spokesman.

    Investigation indicates that the pickup truck driver, Jewel Pruitt, 56, of Honea Path, started forward incorrectly believing that the motorcycle already had turned onto S.C. 29, authorities said.

    Butch Stone, one of the vendors working in the Jockey Lot Sunday, said at one point he saw the motorcyclist emerging from beneath the back of the pickup truck.

    "I started down there immediately, because I’ve been riding motorcycles all my life," Mr. Stone said.

    In the confusion after the motorcyclist moved from beneath the truck, the driver of the truck at one point backed up and pinned the motorcyclist’s head under the right rear truck wheel, Mr. Stone said.

    Those around the scene yelled to tell to the pickup truck driver to stop backing up, Mr. Stone said.

    "The (truck) exhaust pipe was laying on her, and she was being burned," Mr. Stone said about the motorcyclist. "It was a terrible situation."

    Mr. Stone said he eventually approached the truck, reached into it and put the vehicle into park.

    "He had frozen," Mr. Stone said about Mr. Pruitt.

    Mr. Stone then got into the truck, he said, and pulled it forward to move it off the motorcyclist.

    Mr. Stone has shown products for his business at the Jockey Lot for about four years, he said, and the intersection where the accident took place is "always congested."

    Mr. Pruitt, who was charged with improper starting, and the four young passengers in the truck sustained no injuries, Mr. Marsceau said.

    Ms. Howard is the mother of three children, Mr. Boseman said.

    Apparently the lady was trying to pick the bike up when he backed over her..
    and the link to the forum with more detail..

  2. When the hell are they going to stop private parties owning bloody 4wd's and light trucks like this?
    There is NO NEED to have one and if it had been a normal vehicle, the rider would have never have gone under the vehicle.
    Maybe it is time for a special licence being reqwuired to operate one. That would stop maybe 99% of soccer mums owning one, and make them buy people movers, which are much more sensible, although they would lose their ability to intimidate and would lose some of their status within the community (not).

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. OMG.... thats some very distressing new
    all the best to the kids
  4. agreed.
    I think it was more of a "mines bigger and better" thing. The petrol prices have sorted that problem out though. LOL
  5. and they're only headed in one direction! suck it up SUV owners :twisted: \:D/
  6. Go to America for a while, and then discover that many people drive SUV's the size of which that make a Toyota Landcruiser look like a toy Tonka Truck.

    Over there, they actually market vehicle like dressed up Hummers as "Urban Assault Weapons".
  7. Yeah, and their fuel typically costs half per litre of ours too..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. improper starting?????????????????????????

    how about death by dangerous driving, or manslaughter?
  9. Can't really say much about this, except the obvious...
    1. This happened in Sth Carolina...(if you've even been there, nothing more needs to be said)
    2. He was'nt driving anything out of the ordinary for that area - just another "Trerwk".
    3. And "them thar motysickles, are a hazzard to good lauwer-abidin' christian folk."
    4. The Hayseed local cops are nothing more than badge-wearing gomers-pyles.
    Don't be surprised if the driver sues the bloke who reached in and turned off his trerwk, for trespassing, possibly blaming him for the womans death, because he was just about to roll forward off her head when he turned it off...

    Yeah...I'm cynical...but for good reason.. :roll:
  10. bout time people who drove cars wake up and open their fcuking eyes! pisses me off man how something like this can happen.

    Gonna be really interested when I get a bike. I reckon if I almost got hit or run over I'd smack the shit out of the dick who did it. this kind of stuff pisses me off :mad: :evil:
  11. I nearly got hit today by some tourists, too busy discussing motorbikes to actually look out for them.
  12. If you need evidence of what a load of Cr#p that statement is, I have pictures of a woman trapped under a Ford Falcon. The fact it was a 4wd was probably what allowed her to get up and start to pick her bike up. Unlikely she would have done that after going under a normal sedan.
    What you should have said was "when are they going to stop stupid people from operating ANY vehicle".
  13. *Disclaimer : I am a 4x4 owner and user

    Pull your head in. Think for a minute - there's people who think exactly the same way about bikes, and if you were banned from being able to ride, you'd whinge. :evil:

    Much better attitude. :) I fully agree with having to have a separate license to be able to drive a 4x4. The problem is where do you draw the line as to what a 4x4 is? Anything over 2 tons? A Holden Cross8 would probably be included in that. Anything with power to all 4 wheels? A Subaru Brumby is included in that. A BMW 735 is longer and wider than the Range Rover I used to own.

    Licensing in general needs to be overhauled. Mandatory defensive driver training etc etc. None of this continue to attempt the test until you pass bullshit. If you fail, you have to wait 6 months to try again, and do an accredited course in the meantime.

    <sorry, rant over now :oops: >

    Condolences to family and friends. Hopefully I never come across someone like that driver who is obviously unable to drive.. :evil:


    Yeah - what he said! :grin:
  14. I own a Land Rover Discovery, and drive it often, and I too agree that it should require a licence of its own. If only to stop soccer mums from doing 10^3 point turns in parking lots because they don't know the dimensions of their own cars. I made sure I got to know the dimensions of mine, and I can park as quickly with the land rover as anybody can park with a sedan or smaller car.

    Taking the 4x4's away from them though, apart from any issues of rearward visibility, would not solve the problem. The problem is that these people have bad driving habits as it is, and would be just as dangerous to us bikers in a smaller car, because they just do not look out for their surroundings.

    and don't give me sh*t about having more of a chance of surviving after getting hit by a smaller car....you get hit by a car, you get hit by a car. people constantly die over in the states because they hit deer, which are smaller than any car.
  15. Timmeh said...:and I can park as quickly with the land rover as anybody can park with a sedan or smaller car.

    Yep, I used to have a Landie as well. You don't worry about who is parked where, you just engage low range FWD and park on top of their car. :LOL:
  16. To demostrate American drivers in action...last year me and Valorie were pulling out of a car park just outside Yellowstone.
    I took off, got to the end of the road and looked back to see no Val.
    Her bike is lying on the ground back at the entrance/exit to the car park.
    I spin around and shoot back down.
    Two guys are helping Val pick the cruiser up.
    One guy tells me..."A woman in a blue sedan, (she turning right, Val turning left) is so close to Val as she leaves the car park that the rear end of her car struck Val's bike and knocked her over. She drove off, completly oblivious of the fact that she had just knocked a lady on a motorcycle over."

    And after I had returned to Oz, some months later...also in South Carolina...Val was overtaking two slower moving cars, in her own, outside lane, when the first car just pulled out and sideswiped her...at 70 mph.
    Slammed Val down onto the ground where she was dragged along by the bike for quite a distance.
    The woman in the car later admitted to the Highway Patrol that she failed to turn her head before she changed lanes.
    Val had a broken collar bone and some road burn but her gear saved her.
    She now lives in South Carolina, that's a bit of a worry.
  17. You guys have no idea how bad licencing really is. Here in Vic the testers are hauled in and spoken to severely if their fail rate is more than 20%. Now bear in mind you can have as many gos as you like and I actually know someone who passed on his 7th try and he isnt the worst driver I know.

    Makes you shudder hey?
  18. The problem with the fail wait six month thing is over here you arent even tested on your driving for your car license, its a parking test, so it wouldnt even help
  19. great another death to the "oops I didnt see you" ignorant get out of jail or time rule... :evil:

    SO FKN CRAP....
  20. Um, I won't pull my head in thanks. I stand by my statement. They are not needed in the city and you are clearly in the .01% of owners of these vehicles that knows anything at all about driving. The other 99.99% buy them because they are pretentious wankers.
    I think it's pretty obvious where you draw the line, anything with a massive, unnecessary bullbar, dangerous bumper height that puts other road users at risk should cover it.
    The fact she went UNDER the vehicle should scare teh crap out of you, I would far prefer to be shunted by a vehicle with well designed crumple zones in a bike thanks. It's pure dumb luck she was not crushed initially.
    She was also probably saved by a helmet, which would have taken the impact from teh bumper/chassis as it passed over.
    Go and have a look at some crash statistics for large four wheel drives impacting other vehicles/ pedestrians, that might sober you up a little.
    Sedan based 4 wheel drive vehicles were NOT being discussed here. Large light truck derived 4 wheel drives were. Again, totally unnecessary in an urban area.
    I also love the excuse people have for owning them, "oh, I use it on my holidays" Yeah, riight. Those dirt roads in the Hunter valley are a biatch......
    The what people think about bikes analogy is flawed, bikes don't run over and crush people or t bone other vehicles at window height.......let's not even start on the greatly reduced rear and side visibliity in them.
    O.K, lets not ban them, put a 50% levy on them if bought and registered in an urban area.

    Regards, Andrew.