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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Sep 28, 2005.

  1. I just went down to the underground carpark for a smoko. Some bimbo in a new Astra reversed out of a space, and hit a nice shiny Audi TT on the nose. She got out, walked round and checked HER car.....then just got in and drove off. I got her number, now I just gotta find the owner of the TT.......

  2. MY TT!!!!
  3. Much damage to the Audi?
  4. some people hey.... either that or just leave the details under the wiper blade for the owner
  5. spot on

  6. That won't work. He will need a witness or he's just pissing in the wind. Not much damage just a dent in the nose, but still probably a grands worth on an Audi.
  7. Just leave the rego on the windshield and maybe your contact details
  8. Found him....he works one floor up, and he's PISSED OFF..
  9. hmmm... funny that, wonder why, maybe he forgot his lunch today :LOL: :wink:

  10. haha trrrueeee...
  11. when i went to lennox head at our resort there was two old guys in a TT underground, i took photos of it with me getting in (pretending) :D

    my wagon kicked it more
  12. What a stupid cow!!!!

    It wasn't me.. I have a new astra as well
  13. Dear madam, could you please advise us of your whereabouts at 10:30am on the 28th September.............
  14. Well that's your good deed for the day! :D
  15. Maybe someone stole his lunch....or he left it in the floor above's fridge...