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UnAustralian - Meaningless?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by MelbourneMick, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. The term UnAustralian was used recently in another thread and it got me to thinking about an article I read about 2 years ago.
    Just what does it mean? If anything at all.

    As Australians some murder, rob, r*ape so all of these thing are not being UnAustralian. They are being Australian.

    see the quandary?

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    Sorry mate, I'm afraid starting discussions about the term unAustralian is about as unAustralian as one can get.

  3. It's a term that has no real meaning because it'll simply be bent to however the user intends.
  4. Depends on the context if how the word UnAustralian was used.
    The perception in North America of Aussies is still loosly based off Croc Dundees attitude towards life.

    Being Australian is more than a birth certificate or a peice of paper you get from the gov.
    (in the eyes of an immigrant) it means you're laid back, help your mates without question, protect whats yours, don't muck around when ya need to get something done, take the piss at every opportunity, forgive and forget, drink beer and have a generally good life.
    When someone deviates from that, it might be classed as unAustralian.

    Then again, I could be totally wrong :p
  5. If you cant cook a steak - You are (un)australian
  6. Charging extra for sauce when you order a meat pie is UnAustralian!
  7. Calling it ketchup is also unaustralian.
  8. I don't drink beer - I'm unAustralian, dammit!

    And ketchup isn't the same as sauce.
  9. I drink rum - apparently thats (un)victorian
  10. Actually, I'd say that ripping people off in every possible way is the most Australian thing you can do these days, at least if we're talking in terms of how many people do it.
  11. It has plenty of meaning. If you use it an argument, then you automatically loose the argument.
  12. please start riding north

    agreed. when something has such a broad definition then it can hardly be accurate
  13. Planning to :p
  14. It's more than that. It is very much a subjective thing and often the opposite of reality. e.g. John Howard famously said it about the riot outside of Parliament house. Of course our nation has a long history of protest and riot when it comes rites.
  15. Little Johnny was one of the most common offenders of over using the term UnAustralian.
  16. now we knowhttp://www.housosvsauthority.com.au/#!home/mainPage
  17. Unaustralian: Blanket statement used by the less intelligent and/or those appealing to the less intelligent. May also be used to vain to express resentment without justification, or lack of preferential treatment received (see "fair go")
  18. Thought I'd look up this cartoon I discovered last year, and found a handy quote to go with it:

  19. The Chaser had this figured out:

  20. Top find !