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Unanderra Area Riders - Little help?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Haggismaen, Apr 7, 2006.

  1. Hey guys, I just found an Across for sale down in Unanderra. I was wondering if any Netriders from down around that area would be willing to inspect it for me as I will be unable to get down there myself in the immediate future (shame I found it now because I was in Wollongong this morning! Nursing a hangover from Toss at the North Gong).

    I know this is a big ask coming from a stranger and I know its a long shot but I thought I would give it a try.

    Let me know if you are willing and able.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Hornet's Bike Inspection Service will check it out on the weekend :LOL:
  3. Yeah sure no problems :grin: Oh hang on its a spewsuki :shock: Nah dont bother its shit :LOL: This responce proudly brought to you by WILD TURKEY :shock:
  4. Ensure you check it carefully for being stolen! There was 20 of them taken from Melbourne CBD this morning. Details here :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. That really would be a magnificent help Hornet. Do you need me to do anything?

    Oh and very clever Mouth :).
  6. I am thinking that the hornet is just stinging you :shock:
  7. Why would I do that? If I didn't want to help, I wouldn't have offered.........

    {some people????}
  8. No, I've already talked to the guy and I just have to ring him on the weekend and arrange a time to inspect.
  9. Fishing is good tonight :grin:
  10. Sorry, very tired and it's been a long and trying week.....
  11. I've just been and inspected the Across

    Andrew has owned it for 6 years and is only selling because he and his wife have a new baby. In the six years he's owned it he's done only 8,000 of the 53,000kms it has, and he has regularly serviced it (not often, because he didn't ride it much).

    The bike is the original dark maroon Across colour, not the awful orange it seems to be in the Bikesales advert. It has all original everything, right down to the stickers, exhaust and levers, remarkable for a 15 year old bike. It has been down the road once, but it appears only lightly, and before Andrew bought it. There's a scuff on the widest part of the fairing on the right, a crack in both back and front right indicators and a scratch on the right bar end, right brake lever and mirror. No damage on the left side.

    There is fairly heavy alloy oxidisation on the triple clamps and inner bars, but this would Autosol out easily.

    The seat is perfect, and the bike has a full, but un-original, tool kit.

    Tyres are less than half worn, front and back.

    Engine fires on first press of the starter and idled evenly (although it had been ridden an hour before I inspected it.) There was no smoke and a hand over the exhaust indicated a good lean mixture. Oil is clear and the right colour though the sight-glass.

    The bike is for sale with two helmets, both medium size, one HJC dated '87 and a newer one, didn't catch the brand, but a lairy paint scheme.

    Also included in the $2,400 price is an Rjays dri-rider-type jacket, medium size, perfect condition with rudimetary back protecter and elbow and shoulder armour, black and blue in colour. (the jacket, not the armour, silly)

    I'm not an authority on Acrosses, but this appears to be a real find. The only downside is that it only has one month of (NSW) registration left.

    First to see will buy; there can't be too many unmolested 15 year old bikes as good as this one around.
  12. Wow, I wouldn't mind that as my first bike, with gear as well!

    *sheds tears*