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Unable to ride and having a sook

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KLR Nirvana, Aug 7, 2011.

  1. Stuffed my right shoulder at basketball tonight so will be unable to ride to work this week and perhaps not for a couple of weeks. I must say I have been under the pump at work this year and the bike has been one little thing that has helped me get through and stay sane.

    I know, I know ... :nopity:

    Just sayin'. And I know you guys will understand.

  2. gay
    i know what it's like, and it's the best feeling in the world getting back in the saddle so you have that to look forward to.
    best wishes for the shoulder, get better soon.
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  3. Sorry to hear mate..hope the shoulder heals ASAP.
    Here's to a speedy recovery and a quick return (y)
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  4. yup what nickers said ;)
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  5. I ruined my right foot playing indoor soccer on Thursday and have been pretty much immobile since. I know how you feel. Still can't ride but at least today I can walk again, I hate crutches.

    Sport can be the enemy of the motorcyclist. The odd thing is that the same people who discorage riding are likely to be the same people who encourage excersise. I know which of the two has injured me more often!

    On the bright side, I can lie on the floor so I took the opportunity to do an oil change on the bike. :)
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  6. Soon as I started walking I felt ready to go straight back on the bike... but it was still being fixed!
  7. I play wheelchair basketball. Copped a ball straight on the ring finger of my ri hand. Thought I broke it. Sitting in emergency now getting X-rays done. I could feel it seizing up on the ride home and then couldn't get my glove off
  8. Hope ur arm heals soon mate. I am waiting for my wrist to recover fully after an injury from 5 weeks ago. I know how u feel. And I can't wait to get back on the saddle and hear my little baby growl and roar down the street
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  9. Ok. Its cracked. Fark!!
  10. Bugger - sorry to hear that Somatic!! No front brakes = no good :(

  11. Thanks Woogie - physio tells me i have a torn rotator cuff in the right shoulder. Need to look after it now or it could take a very long time to heal.

    5 weeks is a long time - what happened to your wrist?

  12. Just about to head out to see a hand surgeon. Taking the beastly magna wagon
  13. I'm unable to ride at the moment too... Not MC related.

    I had a "Pilonidal Sinus" removed.

    I strongly recommend you guys do an image search for "Pilonidal Sinus" rather than me try to explain it :)

    It will become obvious why I am not riding right now.
  14. ^ Faark! Bit of warning on that one mate, please!
  15. Do I get sympathy? Its an utter bastard
  16. Watch your shoulders. I got injured and didn't let it recover properly and the result was worse damage and a shoulder op. Shoulders never recover completely or back to the way they were.
  17. I fractured my ankle in two places last year, when I started going to the physio I made a conscious effort to do everything he said.... It helped hugely. Their word is gospel, seriously.
  18. So you literally got torn a new one?
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  19. Mate I feel for you and can sympathize.
    I broke my hips and compressed most of my lumbar back in 05. It's been pretty good as long as I keep my core strength up.
    Which I obviously haven't. Got a bit much wheel spin on the Katoom coming out of the corner on Sunday....didn't make the double. Should have bailed, but thought I could make it. Lower half of my body wrapped under the bars and the top half went over.
    Been on massive doses of pain killers and anti inflammatories since Sunday arvo. So I cant eat, or move and feel like crap.
    Just saw the weather coming up for the week. 26 and dry, 28 and dry and Friday..30 sunny and perfect for a ride.
    Bloody gimpy back.
  20. In a word, yes.

    They basically leave it as an open wound - so until it heals over, I have this hole in my body that needs to be packed daily with dressings etc. In practice, I could probably ride, but the concentration and comfort wouldnt be there.

    They could have stitched it up, but the success rate is lower. So open cut mine, ah I mean cavity it is.