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Unable to engage first, neutral and probably 3rd gear after fall.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Bob66, Apr 18, 2010.

  1. Hi there, i'm new to the forum and i've this problem on my ninja 250r 08.
    Just had a very small drop, standstill from the slamming of the front brakes, my bad. No scratches nothing, real lucky but it seems like i cant get to gear 1 and neutral. i'm just stuck somewhere between 3/4 to 6. it just wouldnt go down. what should i be checking? Thanks for your help.

  2. Check to see if the gear shift leaver is bent and binding on the case of the engine is the first thing.

    Then sit on the bike with the engine off and rock it back and forwards and see if you can change down.
  3. i'm not sure but it seems like it catches onto the thing closest to it on the inside slightly, but stepped on it would go past with a click, and still not changes. but what i know is that i would upshift from that gear, and then downshift to the very gear i'm stuck with.
  4. you know what cjvfr, after reading your post, i decided to tug at the gear shift lever and hey ! it works !
    words just can't express how much gratitude i have towards you now. THANKS !
  5. Good to hear you are Ok Bob, all the best.
  6. You'd be surprised how much gratitude one can express with a slab of beer... or a bottle of decent scotch for that matter ;)
  7. haha i'd have to find out then. which tickles your fancy cjvfr, beer or scotch? and btw, i almost got discouraged because of this, second day of riding and already slamming the brakes and falling off. but hey, i'm all up now, just gave it a wash and wax. :D
  8. Oh definitely don't give up!! What city are you in / close to? I know we do learner practice sessions in Melbourne and Sydney where you can go out riding with other bikes and get some practice in and confidence up.
  9. i'm in brisbane unfortunately, quite a distance from those places. besides, i probably wouldn't give up riding. i've been trying to get approval to get the bike, and finally did after 2 years. (not just approval but slight funds too !) and i'm planning to enrol myself in a course to get better. heard of upright, hart and also champions. champions seem a lil pricey, but is it worth it? its at a track !
  10. I wish I knew what the gear shift lever was! :eek:
  11. Now, repeat after me, "At low speed I will use mainly the REAR brake, and NEVER 'slam on' the front brake."

    good..... :)
  12. "At low speed I will use mainly the REAR brake, and NEVER 'slam on' the front brake."
    and i've been using the rear more often now. feels safer, haha. thanks.
    "At low speed I will use mainly the REAR brake, and NEVER 'slam on' the front brake." * 100