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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Chef, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. <-------- I am officially De-noobed.
    My membership has arrived and i have been assimilated!
    Which means i can now....um...gee....hmmm.....uhhhm....
    start arguments? :p :LOL:


  2. No you can't............. :twisted:
  3. oh i didnt know that
    <------------- gave u that right, and here i have been sitting quietly (well maybe not so quietly) trying not 2 offend lol
  4. Yes i can :twisted:
  5. Other than some stores giving u a discount...
    And the right to start an argument (as if u weren't out spoken already)
    what does ur fantastic plastic get you, mines stayed in my wallet since it arrived & thus far has stayed there...
  6. Hmmm. I got my membership too, but not sure what I have to do to have my membership indicated online???

    But congratulations, anyway.
  7. Wash your mouth out!

    It's like your licence, you don't get it out very often, but you need it to be taken serious as a rider :grin:
  8. Yeah - already did that. Just went back in and it's all in place.

    Special curse?
  9. u cant have it still aint showing did u submit?
  10. Yeah - and I can't submit again without changing anything. Maybe I'll change my street adress and then change it back again and see if that works. Thans for caring!!!!!
  11. hmmm. nup, still nothing. oh well. I've sent in a query. see how we go
  12. It gets you a free BBQ at xmas time :)
  13. .. and entry into our monthly competitions.
    A very cool comp starts on Monday, and some great one's lined-up too :)
  14. Ooh look - like magic!!

    Thank you Vic.
  15. So far no non-members have posted here. All de-noobed!
    Great stuff. It might be like owning a VW, but it sure appears more people are turning to the dark side and coughing up 5 five bux.
    And no, i wont be looking to start too many arguments, it was more of a gentle dig.

  16. !!!!! My cages were VWs! Don't dis the beetle!
  17. So what are the benefit of paying the $5?
  18. Often wondered how to get the logo to the left ... now I know!!

    Hmmm .... must make use of the search feature more often ... :oops:
  19. I paid up a while ago but everytime i try to enter my details to get the member logo it says I haven't paid :mad: