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UN downgrades man's impact on the climate

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by pro-pilot, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. http://epw.senate.gov/public/index....ecord_id=8EA35336-7E9C-9AF9-7025-4B6CD20B983A

  2. Can't you put all your global warming stuff in the one thread?? Do we need a separate thread for every news article on global warming you feel like posting a link to? Or are you hoping to bump off every thread by others in Off-Topic so that they are all authored by yourself? :LOL:
  3. So if I read you correctly. There is still evidence that there is substantial human impact, but through proper science they have identified that it may be less than earlier estimates.
    Which means there is proper science going into it and it is not simply all propergander as you have previosly stated.
  4. PP, why don't you actually put your own thoughts along with the article? This is a forum, not a newspaper. If I wanted to read the article, I could just go to the site.
  5. Ooh look, I can post news articles too!


  6. I see, so do you think that Beagles are government plants responsible for the misinformation about global warming? They're just working their way to the top!!! :eek:
  7. I have posted many thoughts on this topic in previous posts, which are now locked.
    Needless to say, I am involved within an area of science that examines subject matter within this area.
    To keep it short, the propaganda machine has decalred that yor are responsible for causing warming. Which is total BS
    The article was to show that even with such a hard political line of reference, the facts are starting to cause the IPCC to back-peddle. They are still trying to keep face, but each one of these events is a nail in the coffin.
    We are experiencing a normal cyclical change, which CO2 and other secondary gases play a very minor role.

    Our weather is driven by the sun and the complex mechanics of the earths biosphere generates very complex interactions that all have varoius lag effects, and create the patterns we track over time.

    GW is an agena of global taxation, pure and simple.
  8. Snoopy is a communist.
  9. PP - I assume then you believe in the whole cyclical effect - such as that outlined in the BBC doco "The great global warming swindle"?
  10. I'm not arguing with that (who could?) My point is that this is a forum. Dumping articles can be done by anybody and it really just equates to spam. If you post an article and have nothing new to say on the topic, I would suggest you are done.
  11. And you know all of this without doubt and are not willing to review your findings???

    PP You have shown with your inability to view these situations from teh perspective of a moving targte with new information becoming available that you are a poor scientist.

    Open your eyes open youe mind and be ready to accept that curent views will be supported or undermined by new information, and that in science (Good Science) "The Truth" is a constently moving target as new information becomes available.
  12. We also face BS like this king of idiots.

    Get it clear people, you are being played by these political forces and are being treatedas the enemy.

    You will suffer in terms of freedoms and be taxed to the hilt unless this shitte is buried through tempered discussion and analysis.

    If you want conspiracy stuff, look at this dudes comments in the article. These guys are purposefully jumping at shadows and it causing fear in the public so that you follow.

    Remember, he is being taken seriously!


    Mayor Compares Threat of Global Warming to Terrorism

  13. Benefitting whom?
  14. I like Ktulu's approach: since the global warming stuff is contentious, just leave it on the side of your plate. If it's solar-caused there's nothing we can do about it anyway. but that doesn't mean we do nothing. Rather, just treat CO2 as part of the much, much bigger pollution problem - and pay attention to things like heavy metals going into rivers, acid rain, landfills and the million other ways we're $%@%^#ing the ecosystems that sustain us. We can argue forever, but if instead we start changing our behaviour to use less energy and screw up the environment less, we all win.
  15. Get it Clear PP, you are making endless assertions with very limited data to back you up, and proving with your behavior that you are not willing to look at counter arguments therefore you are as unreliable as a source as teh people you are having a go at

    If you are wrong we and nothing is done then we will needlessly suffer potential environmentle socioeconomic and economic disaster as crop yeilds suffer (Lets not assume anything as far as total crop loss) as cities have increassed flooding (Most big manufacturing centers are right down near sea level) and as our enviornment becomes poluted in the quest for the holy dollar

    If we Want Conspiracy stuff... We'll just listen to you.
    And PP Remember. Your are not being taken seriosly any more at all.
  16. I provide the links for people to do their own reading and research. Albeit, I add my own opinions as well.

    All we see from other is insults and intimidation.

    I certainly don't take it seriously.

    p.s. Can you run a spell & grammar checker, many thanks.
  17. The global network of international banks and government. This has been on the UN agenda for more than 30 years.


  18. A global tax to (in principal at least) do good works and look after the less priviliged... doesn't sound like a bad thing.

    If the UN want to channel it to negative stuff, what would be the negative stuff and why would they bother?
  19. How about you show that maturity to address my content instead of my spelling.
    Insults and Intimidation... What is calling your oponents sheep?
    how about you actually address teh issue of the impacts of IF you are wrong. you are so sure you are right that you have blinkered yourself to any other option. As I have said this marks you as a poor scientist. Some people consider being a scientist as a job. Personaly I view it as a lifestyle, and a philosophy. It is about asking questions not making blanket statments.