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..Un believable!!... OMG!

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by Tweetster, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. oh goodness... i can stomach it, but i just want to punch both of them out!!

    that is the most awful attitude i've seen from such a performance, and they were so absolutely immature and pathetic!

    that 6 year old, or whatever she is, singing opera, was more mature than both of those girls put together!
  2. :-s:-s:-s:-s
  3. Chavs.......
  4. My god it's just like Little Brittin!
  5. ...but....Vicky Pollard looks better!! (yeah, but no...but yeah..but!).... :rofl:
  6. I'm Abby and I'm Lisa and together we're Abby and Lisa.

  7. Hey dont laugh, theyre in the top 1% of chav reasoning and logic ability.

    Oh, and youll need one of these

  8. Ha,ha!!.... gsxxer.. Oh you biatch!!... [​IMG]

    .. you know they DID actually think up the name "Abblisa" for their group!!.... so you gotta give them chavs some credit!!...[​IMG]
  9. I couldn't agree more (after spending 8 weeks in Chatham)
  10. That was brilliant. Actually one of the funniest things I have ever seen coming from any of these ridiculous "reality" shows.
  11. hahhahahahahahahaa......."Who are you"....hahahahahahahahahha

    "Can you please pass on to them that's 4 no's"........roflmao
  12. So a chav is an english bogan?
  13. ...the "PC" version:

    Chav is a derogatory term used to describe certain young people in the United Kingdom. Also known as a charver in Yorkshire and North East England "chav" is often used to describe aggressive teenagers, of white working class background, who repeatedly engage in anti-social behaviour such as street drinking, drug abuse and rowdiness, or other forms of juvenile delinquency.


    "i stayed at her house for the whole of this week, how cool is that!?"

    "oh my god it's cheryl!!!! oh, sorry!"

    "oh my god it's loui! she was saying you were really fit earlier in the week! yeah, loui! and i was saying he was an old man. sorry. i said you could be the same age as my granddad!"

    "so why did you guys decide to do this?" "cause like.. i dunno.. like... i dunno.. um, i dunno... we just um... i dunno... umm... can everybody just stop laughing at me!? oh my god, yeah. hahha oh my god. basically, we just like to sing with each other and like um, prove to people we have got like confidence." *crowd boos* she yells "SHUT UP!!"

    "well when you're up here, like, yeah, and they're all like booooo you're like not going to be like..." *crowd boo's and overwhelms what she's saying*

    "i'm never going to do anything for her again"
  15. ....lol.....

    and... "we put our music on and jump around and go... woo!"

    ..."we're like majorly woah!!"...

    .. sorry girls, but you are majorly f*cktards!!.....:roll:
  16. [​IMG]

    This should cover the video in general and both the contestants appearance.
  17. Right, chav = kid with atitude problems who needs thier ass kicked. Got it.

    And Geeth, I don't think those 2 ever got high enough to crash.
  18. I believe they were full of "rustic charm"
  19. As a species..how did we sink this low?