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Un-Australian Day

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Wolve, Jan 27, 2010.

  1. Mornington, Victoria, January 26th 2010. Good times and proud to be Australian as we rocked up to the main street to buy the traditional Australia Day Fish’n’Chips on the beach with family. My son and I watched the parade of community clubs, CFA, SES and the like as they made their cheered and flag waving way down the main thoroughfare of Mornington whilst we awaited our order. Returning to the car, the day turned sour as it was evident someone had ripped off the large Australian flag (and bent the flag pole) I’d installed on the rear of the car the previous evening. More than annoyed that someone would do that on a day of pride like this my son and I began the loop around back to the beach.

    The wretched individual responsible had pulled the flag so hard the eyelets were still attached to the pole so keeping an eye on each of the groups wearing the large flags as capes it wasn’t long before I spied a lad and his mate with an obviously ripped flag, missing the eyelets. As I passed him he turned and the guilty look on his face was enough for me to make a U-turn and pull up beside him.

    “Where did you get your flag?” I asked him, “up at the store.” He replied nervously.

    “Which store and do you have your receipt?” I asked him, watching his face drop as he knew I had him. At this point his mate decided to be belligerent and said to me something along the lines of “what’s it to you”. At which point I decided to depart the vehicle and tell them.

    “Take that off now and if the missing eyelets holes and extra centre hole which attached it to my car are evident then you’re in a whole world of trouble mate” I said to the now trembling kid. Of course they were. I proceeded to show him how they matched completely. The kid (must’ve been all of sixteen) had the courage to apologise and say sorry however his mates were so stupid they didn’t get that I had them red handed. The first kid had spilled that his mates had ripped it off but he had tied it around his neck so when these delinquent idiots began making out I couldn’t prove it I gave them a verbal lashing that drew the attention of all the passersby.

    So this is the youth lining up to inherit our country? Stealing a flag, damaging property and making out that someone telling them off about it is in the wrong? One line that almost cost one youth his teeth I recall was “what’s the big deal, it’s only a $6 flag”, to which I replied “Stealing the Australian flag off someone else’s car, damaging it in the process, then parading around with it wrapped around your neck as though you’re a patriot is a big deal! What kind of Australian are you?” I challenged these idiots to explain to their parents what they had done but as expected, they’re all cowards. The elder guy that spoke to me before I left thought it was not worth getting upset with them but to this idea I disagree, it’s that attitude that is building this belligerent and callous youth of today that has no respect, no pride and do not deserve to be called Australian.

  2. Well done mate.
  3. That's one of my pet hates at the moment. People who get angry at you, for getting rightfully angry at them. Why can't people just take responsibility for themselves when they **** up?

    Nice work in giving them a bit of further education. =D>
  4. here here
  5. I agree, well done
  6. We were there too mate and spent most of the time at the park down the road. The amount of jail bait plastered with slogans such as 'phuk off we're full' and 'kiss me, I'm Aussie' was pretty appalling. Especially as these young uns were all of 15 or under. As for the guys, well all I can say is. If this county ever goes to war. We are in deep deep trouble.

    Many of them dont seem to understand the whole concept of Aus Day. Its not about parading around with painted bodies/slogans and tits on display but the very essense that unites us all regardless of race creed etc.

    End rant.

  7. ive asked a few youth of today, do u know what Australia day means, all the responses was captian cook :shock: god help us
  8. i had a green and gold mohawk thing taped to my helmet on aus day...

    parked at north bondi, away from everyone, even put the helmet on the side of the bike where it was barely visible and almost in a bush....

    spent a few hours in the sun, only to come back and see someone had ripped the mo off...

    i mean common, it came from a 2dollar shop, but who does that, esp on australia day
  9. Should have strangled one of them with the flag.

    That's what the Diggers would have wanted.
  10. Unfortunately, the fact that this happened on Australia Day is purely co-incidental. It's happening all the time and will continue to do so.

    Delinquent children get to be that way by watching their delinquent parents.
  11. +1 , also their general lack of respect for anyone or anything.
    There are a few exceptions though from both the lower and the upper end of society, they are the ones that will also make something of themselves later in life.
    The rest will always be cold and bitter to everyone and everything ](*,)
  12. Hmm, honestly have to disagree a bit there on both points. It's not a coincidence that it came to light on Aus day, it should almost be re-named 'Proud to be Racist Day'. Living in what is possibly the most bogan area of the sutherland shire, given some of the antics on Aus day you would think that if you live across a bridge from here, you are not australian. It has particularly spiked ever since the riots at cronulla (or i'v just been more aware of it since then). Sure it's something that is occuring all the time, but its under the surface, not as much seen and not spoken about. Australia Day is the catalyst it needs it get seen, and will be much more visible on this day years into the future.

    Also wouldn't necessarily say delinquent parents but rather parents who dont care what their kids get up to.
  13. I think Australia Day is just the excuse these idiots use to act even worse than usual.

    Around here we have small gangs of teenage shits that love to go around trashing other peoples things. The cops know who they all are and can't touch them until they are 15. The kids know this too so they are unstoppable.

    As people have said, there's no point talking to the parents either. The parents are just as bad.
  14. Just remember that Dawn Fraser stole flags over 40 years ago -its nothing new
  15. I actually FELT racist walking down the street in Collaroy on Australia Day. Just for wearing a shearer's. Couldn't help but feel other nationalities giving me the eye. It shouldn't have to come down to this.

    It must have been the taxi driver I had in a headlock as I passed them.

    I guess I'll never know.
  16. +1

    I no longer celebrate Australia day. Last year I was at a house party with friends and one of the blokes there (okay terms but i'm not really a fan of him) suggested that I shouldn't be wearing the flag as a cape because i'm not aussie..... and he still had the gaul to say "why the f%ck did ya hit me for" afterwards. :roll:

    This year I went to training then went home to watch a movie. I used to try and get into the whole nationalistic spirit on aus day but it really is starting to feel like happy redneck day.

    Young people filled with too much piss and no real care for the country...