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Ummmm... Hi?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by RI81CA, Mar 28, 2008.

  1. Is this how it works?

    I now say that I am a proud "fellow rider" and enclose a huge grin whilst saying that?

    Got my Ls a few weeks ago and have been on the road pretty much every day since then.
    Sleep deprived but still on a high!

    It can only get better, I bet....
  2. Hey

    There is actually a welcome lounge for Introductions, but no one should pull your fingernails out for it :LOL:

    So what do you ride?
  3. By the look of his age, a Zimmer :LOL:.
  4. Shhh don't tell anyone but i think it's a girl (Not the sig and the fact that the login looks like it translates to Rebeca
  5. Hi, welcome to Netrider :)

    Gee... 2007 years old, I'm surprised you haven't bought a BMW yet :LOL:
  6. Their pic below name looks a bit like an older style gpx, Dunno, could be that I'm just in love with mine and see it in everything :( :D
  7. For a person that is 2007 years old , they probably ride a Volvo.
  8. Heya :)

    Thanks for not sending me to a torture chamber for missing out on the introduction lounge

    Yes - a girl (however RI81CA means something else , not Rebecca - sorry) :LOL:

    And it IS a Kawasaki ZZR :shock:
    And I know it is a baby bike, but it is mine and I LOVE IT!
  9. and i have no idea why it is doing that weird thing with my DOB but I am in the "more mature" category. 29 yo :shock:
  10. Explains a bit, the back shares some common features.
    Who says a 'small' bike is a bad thing? They are still fantastic bikes. The most important thing is the fact that they are actually a bike, not a cage :grin:
  11. I'll probably just mow the lawn.
  12. Lesson 1: Don't be so quick to open the mouth.


    Welcome :grin:
  13. Hey RI81CA! I'm a new learner too, just got my Ls today actually, and based in Sydney. Let me know if you're ever on the lower north shore area and we can tee up a time to catch up and trade tips! I find it very difficult sometimes to understand what Jeff tells me to do because I don't get it, but when another girl rider shows/tells me how to do it, I often do - must be a brain pattern difference thing...
  14. Hey, how are you going, welcome to netrider, their is plenty of riders from parramatta, we are always keen on a ride.
  15. Welcome Aboard RI81CA

    :LOL: @Joel
  16. Welcome RI81CA

    So we can assume that "Well Behaved Women Rarely Make History" means that you don't plan to be well behaved!

    Do you think it is different for men?

    Be safe
  17. Welcome RI81CA

    I am also a new user on this site and have posted a ride day in may on the putty road and also at eastern creek. Welcome to come to either or both.

    Good luck with your riding and enjoy.

  18. [/quote]Hey, how are you going, welcome to netrider, their is plenty of riders from parramatta, we are always keen on a ride[/quote]

    I assume you would be a Learner friendly group? And how does one join in the fun?
  19. nOOb,

    Simply turn up at the right location... on time!

    Lesson 2: Read & understand Lesson 1 [​IMG]

  20. Hey welcome from a fellow girl biker!

    Come out to the Mean Fiddler one saturday afternoon. Just lookout for the table with helmets surrounding, or listen for the tables with the most amount of laughter.