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ummm Cagers?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by xcamx, May 9, 2006.

  1. Possibly a stupid question, but what does cagers mean? :shock:

  2. I only just bought a bike so forgive me if I get it wrong. I believe I am still classified as one until I get my riders permit at least.

    Cager = Car drivers... someone surrounded by a metal cage.
  3. That and its also a nice way of saying "total di%$#&*d" :LOL: :LOL:
  4. that is not quite true, a lot of riders will say "I am caging it" to an event if they are taking there bike. that does not mean they are saying "I will be a complete D#%@head"
  5. Cager = car driver
  6. dont be so harsh... we were all cagers once.

    well cept for me ;)
  7. There are many sufferers of the Jeckel and Hyde syndrome - Rider <> Cager :shock:
  8. I wonder, does a convertible count as a cage - I've driven a Moke before and there's certainly nothing safe or "cagelike" about one of those (in fact a bike's probably safer).
  9. I dont own a cage and have only owned two in my life and owned 20 odd bikes so in my opinion thats what most of em are except for you guys :wink:
    so no jeckell and hyde here just 100% hyde :LOL: :LOL:
  10. Yeah, my first car was a Moke. it was the closest thing to a bike I could find on four wheels thus keeping my side of an agreement between myself and my mother. And once the 1275 engine and gearbox was installed it was a fair bit of fun. :wink: Great fun for a car and really don't classify for "cage" as the seats were highrer than the side of the car. The lap belt was the only thing holding you in. :shock: They don't really offer much more protection than a bike but the stability and the remarkable handling abilities of a Moke do make them a safer choice.

    Hey Falcon Lord, consider that whilst I might not be calling myself a dickhead when i say "I'll be caging it", It may well be implied in that statement, that I will feel like a dickhead for doing so. :wink: :LOL:
  11. I keep wondering of people that are riders and do not own a cage. How do you get about your lively hood, like getting grocery and big stuff and do you always carry a spare helmet and riding gears for the pillion? :-k
  12. i know what you mean....theres no way i could have only a bike and no car.
  13. Depends where you live.

    I live pretty much in the city so a bike is more practical than a car. I would have to pay upwards of $200 amonth for parking, a bike I pay nothing. Pretty much everything that I need I can get to by foot or bike.

    For groceries and what not I have several supermarkets in walking distance, or I resort to seat bag and back pack. That being said I go shopping two maybe three times a week, which means whilst I havenbt used a trolley for a while, I am always out within 15 minutes.

    Sean D
  14. I live with my brother so he takes care of shopping and such. When I was living by myself I was pretty much the same as Sean, basically call in each nite on the way home or just walk to the corner shop
    Just seems easier and more conveniant for me as I will freely admit I hate being in a car everytime I do I sit there thinking I would have done this or that if I was on the bike so thats why I just ride the bike :)
  15. HMM i still think D%@^head has a better ring to it
    and will offend too :)
  16. The more I ride and come to rely on my bike the closer I become to being that d%^&head cager. The car is lucky if it comes out once a month now. Used to do 30000k's a year. In the last 2 weeks I have managed to scrape panels on pylons in my underground carpark three times! My driving/spatial skills in the car are deteriorating the more I ride the bike.

    The amazing thing is that before I started riding I would have moaned and cried if I even had a stone chip on the car. But with the scrapes it was a quick look, shrug of the shoulders and walk away thinking "Hey, the bike is still pristine". :LOL: And it is(was) a good looking car.
  17. :LOL: I am exactly the same, i loved my car before i got the bike now the car never gets cleaned and still has a dent from an accident 12 months ago :LOL:
  18. Only cos you're not clever enough to get your car licence and the fact that no one has voluntered to let you use their car to learn to drive :p
  19. It's just a holden :p
  20. My car looks sad to me when i am hand washing, waxing and polishing my bike.
    Ah well it gets rain washed.