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Umma therman in kill bill on a ZZR250

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Bladewar, May 4, 2005.

  1. was just watching Kill Bill vol.1 and realised the bike she is riding looks mighty like a ZZR250..... intergrated indicators and twin 'zorst's...

    Go the power of the mighty ZZR250 :twisted:
  2. Zed's rule .... nuff said
  3. just out of interest, whats the top speed of the mighty zzr250? and more importantly, can it pull past a cage on the freeway doing 110km/h?
  4. Ain't never got to top speed yet, when it gets past 110kph a message comes up saying you are now going faster than your average Honda CB250
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  5. top speed... hmmm will easily overtake on a 110kph road may need to kick it down to 5th depending on wind/luggage etc..... as for the top speed, errr enough to lose your license with the 25kph over rule 3 times over ......easily
  6. oi! i got my ugly baby up to 130 km/h with a headwind!! but yeah...i just want a better 250 for after my Ps and when i have the cash. cant afford the stinkin insurance for anything bigger :cry: what about the seat on the zzr? is it as hard as people say the gpx's is? and how about two up? will it get to 110 km/h two up?
  7. I've done a couple of 300km days on my Z and the seats okay, not great but with a sheepy hollow seat cover it's great. 2 up, never tried, but with my fat arse 90kg and and about 15kg of gear it still did the trip at average of 120kph. It still overtakes cars ya just gotta kick it down 2 cogs and ring it.
  8. got mine to 100kph 2 up but didnt ry to go any faster.. as for the seat, i found it fine for long rides the only time i found it hard was when i had already rode for an hour sat on a f'n hard seat on a ferry for an hour rode for 3 hours and then sat on a highway for 1 our 40 mins on the last highway it became hard..... two is fine im on the larger side and the bloke i had as a pillion was a stick figure... and it was ok. so two smaller blokes should be ok but not for huge stints the rear shock isnt strong enough. but for around town would be fine. just remember the only 250's out there that may be a little more pillion friendly will be of the cruiser type... ZZR also has agrab rail behind..
  9. blade, it's not a red a silver Z you have is it.....
  10. no, mine was teal and i recently sold it :) why?
  11. I rode the ferry back from Queenscliffe a few weeks ago and spent the time bullshittin with a guy ridin a red a silver Z
  12. Zed's dead baby, Zed's dead
  13. nah mine was in january when i went on my alpine tour... here's the link its good fun to do and the ZZR was very capable on it

    the zzr is a capable bike and really good fun to ride

    matt232 said:
    damn straight he is... or maybe 'straight' isnt the word Mr Tarentino sure ahs a thing for samurai swords lol
  14. A ZZR250 thread!!!! Yeah BABY!!!!! Love the baby ZZR even though I'm pissing off Kawasaki after I finish my restrictions....... In answer to your question, I find that freeway riding is no problem at all. You can overtake till your hearts content... and then some. As my other ZZR250 brothers said, just drop it a gear or two and vroom! vroom!! You are in first place.

    As for the top speed, I got it up to 165km/h on the Deans Marsh road last week. Probably could have gone a little more, but the straight road was gonna bend.

    I just reckon they rock!!!

    Cheers all.


    talk about road rage, she later cuts that chicks arms off. Probably doesnt approve of girls driving 300zx's...
  16. That'll teach me for not reading properly. I thought the thread title was "Uma Therman killed on a ZZR250" !!!!
  17. Worst excuse for a movie EVER!
  18. hmmmm worst excuse for a movie... no way....you want a bad movie,, watch "changing lanes" i swear.. grr i want that hour and ten minutes of my life back...(i turned it off early it sucked that bad.)

    :shock: .... [-X ..... :LOL: :p

    nothing wrong with a 300ZX saw this hot chick driving a silver one the other day =P~ ... those cars are awesome, i would have one if the insurance wasnt soo steep....$5,485 for 1 year fully comp on one that was going to cost me $13,000 :shock:
  19. cowboy, your comments have been noted......personally I don't give a shit, but hey, to each their own .....right....!!!
  20. Top speed on a ZZR in reasonable condition would be about 160km/h. Probably higher, if it's new-ish and/or your relatively small on the bike.