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Umm, Where shall I go?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by glipschitz, Jul 29, 2006.

  1. Well, after 6 weeks of being off the bike due to being way too busy, (and when I did go to ride it the battery was flat...) I FINALLY got the bike out of the garage.

    1st stop was the servo to fix the tyre pressure as it felt shithouse.

    That was all fixed so off I went. No destination in mind, just hop on and go where ever the hell the road takes me.

    So I hopped on Maroondah Hwy and headed towards Healsville to have a poke around for any other riders... nope, no one to be seen. So I hit the spur and had a nice cruisy ride thru the spur.

    The roads were not too bad thru the spur. A little bit damp, but otherwise pretty good. Mind you I wasn't trying to break any land speed records, so the conditions were great! :p

    Got to the top of the spur at Narbethong and thought... hmmm, where to now? Well I took the turn off to Marysville thinking I might go for a coffee, but just after the turn off I see this sign .... Warburton ... hmm, haven't been down that road before... and I don't particularly like Reefton, so what the hell.

    Down this 2 goats wide road, an old logging road. Here I am thinking yeah, this looks pretty good, It's sealed, not much crap on it and the scenery is good.

    About 15 - 20k's down this road a hit dirt! YAY! This is where the fun begins!

    Well I haven't done much riding on dirt and gravel, so this was really going to put me to the test.

    I relaxed, and just took it all in 2nd / 3rd gear, staying upright and just really enjoying it. The scenery through this part of the forest is just SENSATIONAL!

    Well, I had no frikken idea where this road would pop out. I had some clue that I was headding for Mt Donna Buang as the road seemed to be pointing in that general direction, but other than that, all I knew that I was headding towards Warburton.

    Well, After 15 odd k's of some good, some bad, and some just ugly dirt road, I get to where the road ends. The 1/2 way point turn up to the summit of Mt. Donna Buang.



    Doing a road like that really makes you appreciate riding. It's not all just hammering through sweepers, doing the twisties and passing everything at warp factor 9, this was a beautiful afternoon taking in the scenery, polishing up skills and really just enjoying being on the bike. It was me against the rest of the world and I was loving it!


    Stopped at Mt. Donna Buang for about 20 minutes to have a bit of a stretch, and a young chap was going back to the car with his folks and just was glued to my bike. So.... I made his day!


    Well off I went, back down Mt. Donna Buang toward Warburton and down the Warburton Highway for home.

    All up, about 170k's of great riding, polishing up the skills lost in 6 weeks off the bike and just enjoying some of the finest roads that Victoria has to offer.


  2. Nice one Greg, especially kind of you making the boy's day. I'm sure he's a budding biker before you know it.

    Such a beautiful day for it too. rain they said HA! Too bad I was stuck in a hospital :( (just visiting).
  3. Sounds like you had a great day :)

    I love those sort of rides where you just go whereever the road takes you.