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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by peeahh, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. http://news.ninemsn.com.au/article.aspx?id=286232

  2. And when he was charged with negligent driving, I presume he didn't have a leg to stand on.....
  3. Haha, raugh out roud?? :LOL:
  4. I wonder if he was taught left or right leg down when stopping, didn't notice he had a missing leg until he fell over at the lights.

    See you should always put your left leg down at lights.
  5. devotard wins :p
  6. ouch poor bugger,

    I can sorta relate i tore my leg up got back on my bike and didnt notice anything untill i saw bits of fat falling out from under my pants.
  7. I bet the rider was hopping mad when he realised....



    :LOL: :roses:
  8. That's not funny, Rob!
    The poor guy probably genuinely had no idea how badly injured he was.

    You should be ashamed of yourself.

  9. Since your picture hosting site is blocked at work, I can't see your admonishing pic and I have no idea just how ashamed I need to be...

    So I'll take your admonishment under advisement.

    The humour might be tactless - (resisting the urge for more puns), but it works on multiple levels - serious and not so serious.

    Anyway, the OP article beggers belief though. I'm calling shenanigans. How long can someone remain conscious with an uncauterized amputation from the knee down? That's a lot of open blood vessels...
  10. It is a heart-warming and inspiring picture of a multiple amputee, persevering against all odds.
  11. :LOL: Not so admonished then.... just a flesh wound then??!

    But seriously, how could the rider have maintained consciousness??

    At 80km/h, two kilometres is 90seconds. At 60km/h that's two minutes. either way, that's well over a minute of profuse bleeding. All the medical dictionaries would suggest serious shock, loss of blood pressure and greying out if not total loss of consciousness... with death not far behind.

    At face value the story is simply amazing... and incredible... how does an amputating blow not drag you off your bike?? What the hell was his death grip on the bars like?!!! Now THAT is a survival reaction! LOL

  12. How the fook did he change gears without a leg??
  13. Easy, he used his unamputated left leg...
  14. serves him right for riding legless. he didn't even realise trouble was afoot. :?

    PS for those of us without teenage children, what's ROR? :LOL:
  15. Raugh Out Roud.

    ...the asian equivalent of Laugh Out Loud.... LOL... :LOL:

    Norty 2Loo.

    I can see the pic now... classic scene that!

    p.s. Great puns Carri... yes, that was puns... ;)
  16. I am going to pistol whip then next person who says shenanigans. :LOL:
  17. hey farva, whats that restaurant you like? you know, the one with all the kooky shit on the walls...
  18. Shenanigans. :LOL:

    Someone had to do it!