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Umm Mr Toyota WTF

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by cjvfr, Mar 19, 2013.

  2. Apparently they come with a glovebox full of tiny bugs to wedge in your teeth for when your finished "riding".
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  3. Can't wait to see one go over the Westgate bridge when it's windy.
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  4. a fine observation!!!
  5. Nice CGI Toyota - well played......
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  6. Yes the vid was CGI but this vehicle was shown at the 83rd Geneva Car Show. It does exist at least in small numbers.
  7. I think Topgear did a bit on one of the precursor vehicle to this too.

    I actually think these type of vehicles are not necessarily a bad thing for inner city traffic.....but you would not want to cover larger distances with them.
  8. When you consider that most cage journeys are single passenger short range you are right there is a place for small urban vehicles. I was a bit tongue in cheek with my original post. :)
  9. So much fail.

    Its not a bike or a car. You cant take it long distances, it leans. Can you imagine how that is going to work with your average "road user".
  10. If it makes them less retarded then I'm all for them "leaning over"

  11. That's actually fascinating and quite cool — except for the 'iname' . It's high time manufacturers moved on from that format.
  12. What is this shit about calling everything with an 'i' in front of it. FFS

    It's iFcuking stupid.
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  13. iSnack anyone?

    420isnack-420x0[1]. :p
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  14. I'm no Apple fan, but that's lawsuit-worthy.
  15. F#ck Apple and the whore they rode on in.

    Whoever came up with the "iSnack" name wants slapping as well. Hard. In the face. With a dead carp.
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    Does it drive itself? I nee something to take me home when I've been drinking.... I'm all for smaller personal transport and I don't care what it looks like if its cheap, and it lets me be passed out.

    I have no interest in actually driving this thing, but I'd be happy waking up at home in it after getting in at the pub and saying "home James" home ijames doesn't sound the same
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  17. They already make cars that drive themselves.
    They're called Taxis.
    (James May 2009)
  18. They look like a great solution to urban traffic and parking congestion, without all the negatives of motorcycle and without some of the negatives of trikes.

    They look narrow enough that you could lane share with another without any danger.

    It also looks like it could be fun to drive.

    I didn't listen to the audio, but any news of how it's powered?