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um, interesting way to get a vote...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, May 16, 2007.

  1. so NSFW!


    the fine print:

    don't ask :?: :shock:

    i'm not even going to search to confirm if this is in fact true...
  2. Signed, on the off chance she's serious. :grin:
  3. ok lets do a little math... say you were quick off teh mark and 75th in line... she was a trooper and was able to gob for 9 hours a day :roll: so how long would i be till you get your attention..

    number of blows = 40,000 per person
    ave minutes at teh job = 3m per blow
    hours ina day where she works = 9


    40000 X 3 = 120000 minutes
    120000 / 60 = 2000 hours
    2000 / 9 = 222.22 working days
    222.22 / 5 (giving her the weekend off :LOL: ) = 44.44 working weeks per person... :roll: man thast determined.


    75 X 44.44 = 3333 working weeks till she gets to you.... :?:
    3333 / 50 ( giving her two weeks off over christmas and no easter) = 66.66 working years..... :shock: hang on...

    she looks say late 20's? so

    66.6+20 = 86.6 :mad: nope no way... :!:

    ahahahha haah ahah ah aa ha aha :LOL: nana lovin... :!:
  4. Mate, Angela Lansbury could roll up and whip the falsies out for all I care.

  5. I am getting that put ona shirt for you ...

    First it was washing bikes in bikini's by blokes now its your murder she wrote fantasy.... :roll:
  6. Some sort of women's liberation movement, is it?
  7. Just imagine if it was local...

    You'd have Amanda Vanstone promising NOT to give them... :LOL:
  8. Ward, lets be more relistic...

    40000 jobs @ 6min (5 min job + changeover time) = 240000 minutes
    240000 / 60 = 4000 hours
    4000 / 8hrs per day = 500 working days (she estimated 500 days at 80 people per day)
    500 / 5 days a week = 100 weeks (call it 50 weeks in a year and thats 2 years)

    But when will she actually practice politics? on her weekends?
    Thats dedication to promise to give 80 jobs every working day for 2 years.

    *signs up for snigger factor* I rekon if i was picked, the missus wouldn't let me have it anway.
  9. "...due to popular demand..."

  10. "...she's sure to get a-head in life..."

    Please shoot me.
  11. i love that you can watch people world-wide signing up livehere
  12. Some people are all class. Her parents must be very proud :roll:

  13. that is just too funny :LOL:
  14. Twain,

    Don't even want to know what you were searching for when you found this :shock:

  15. :LOL: all i can say is wtf?