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Um Hullo?

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Envy-t, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. Yesterday I was filtering between a line of about 8 cars when I noticed the transit van towards the front, about 3 cars from the front hook, left to delay my passage. He basically saw me coming and moved his van as close as possible to the one in front while full lock left to stop my progress. I shook my head and realised he had left a huge gap between the car behind and his rear now. So I moved around the back of him and went up his drivers side. He immediatly tried to move right, but was so close to the car in front he couldn't. :LOL: When I went past the drivers window out came the hand in a lame attempt to scare me. When I went around his arm and stopped at the front, he was screaming like a banshee with the horn firmly pressed. I turned around and gestured with my pointer and thumb that his appendage must have been on the small side, and this made him see red, lmao :cool: So I took off as usual and looked in the mirrors to find him trying to swerve a LWB transit van in and out of traffic to catch up.

    I slowed down at the next set of lights and stopped behind a car, knowing full well I could fit between them, and he came up behind me screaming and honking. I again pointed out his lack of manhood and proceeded to move to the front again, only this time it put almost 100 mtrs on us and all along making my small man gesture! I could hear that horn for a long time! :p

    Why do they have such a hate for our progress through traffic? We are actually helping flow by not being another vehicle in a line? If I was on a slow arse scooter, maybe I could see the point of the front driver going WTF, but when 90 percent of cars are left in the wake of a 250's acceleration away from the lights, what gives.

    [end rant]
  2. Yeah, the good part about people moving into your way is that there's usually room at the back & on the otherside of the vehicle to get through, what a waste! :LOL:
  3. alas with the part where they make room behind and on the other side...

    however twice i've had two slightly different occasions which make me giggle all the way home...

    First was a car pulling over to cut me off, but they had to stop been to close to the car in front, while still leaving me enough room to pass. I go past them, stop, look back and wave good bye...

    Second time they were too late and (while silly) I accelerated just in time to squeeze through. Again I stopped in front, looked back and, as you so nicely put it Envy, made a hand signal with thumb and index finger indicating smallness...

    In fact now that I think about it, both times were on Flemmington road where Racecourse road intersect's...

    In saying that I get a lot of people moving out of the way. They all get a loud helmet muffled "THANKS MATE" as I pass... yay to those nice people...
  4. Hmmm, haven't been riding to long.
    But most of my riding has been commuting. Most people generally move away to give me plenty of room to pass.

    Guess that guess that guys an ass. lol
  5. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE "signal with thumb and index finger indicating smallness... " :D :D :D let's just call it "indicate smallness" at someone
  6. while in my cager ill ALWAYS move over for a bike to pass

    if they are on the left side of me ill pull in close to the traffic
    if they are on my right ill pull close to the gutter n let em through

    why ? bcos having them sitting behind me is more concerning for me, if i was to hit the anchors they'd be in trouble

    but atleast if they are infront i can dictate whats going to happen and keep my distance

    wish other cagers would bloodywell do this!
  7. buznbye,

    Totally agree with you on this. My thoughts on this topic of cagers (in general) showing more 'respect' to riders on the roads veers towards many of them actually having NFI !

    Instead of VIC Police (in this instance, but why not adopt the same principle all over Oz?) drumming for business with their speed cameras and double demerit point system etc etc etc.... why don't they send EVERY DRIVER not currently riding on a MANDATORY refresher 'L's type equivalent course every 1-2years (paid for by the government!).

    Only this way, will the average IQ wanker on the roads have a better understanding (albeit forced) of distances to keep from riders, respect toward them etc etc.

    Just my 2 cents, but FFS, when will this goddam country start thinking POSITIVELY rather than ONLY financially ???
  8. this country is in financial trouble mate
    its all about revenue generating
    its all about taxing us at high rates

    if i didnt have a s 1yr old son here i would of skipped country all together and moved to a tax haven for a couple years

    get rich and come back

    but eh
  9. Mate,
    I know what you're saying and am actually experiencing all you would wish for right now...
    But let me be honest with you - even though tax plays a big part in our lives, there's nothing like home ! I've been residing in Hong Kong for 7yrs (coming up to Permanent Residency here!) and although tax here is 15%, as compared to much higher amounts in Australia, life here is NOT worth this gain.
    Australia, one of the best if not THE best country in the world has more going for it than we can ever see. Or perhaps we all take it for granted.
    I work with people of many walks of like, and it makes me proud when the English, Americans, Canadians, Germans, Sth Africans etc etc all marvel at our country...
    For a person to stay in such a country, to get so-called 'rich', takes a lot of sacrifices. Even businesses in Hong Kong are cutting back, Hong Kong being one of the richest economies and having the ability to bounce back from economic slowdowns like the one we're experiencing.
    So, are people here really getting THAT more rich ? Depends, always does. Cost of living in a place like Hong Kong makes most cities in Australia look damn good.
    Oh, and that fresh air that we have back home ??? Cherish that !!!
    I am permanently basing myself in Oz (Melbourne) as of Feb next year...enough is enough and I miss my home, family and friends. Whatever I'll lose out in the process, to me, it's ALL worth it :)
  10. Keep on topic please guys or start another thread in OFF TOPIC.