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Um ... G'day?

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Stueh, Mar 26, 2009.

  1. Thought I might introduce myself.

    My s/n is Stueh, everyone calls me Stuey (my real name is not Stuart / Stewart, but it is still my nickname). I'm from South Australia, in the Adelaide Hills (Norton Summit to be precise).

    I've been riding bikes for a while on the dirt, and have recently gotten into riding on the road, and subsequently not have a Honda CB250. Chose it because i thought it would be a good bike for leaning the road side of things, and I won't do much damage if I drop it.

    I'm the IT guy for a school in the Eastern suburbs / foothills, and love my job.

    My other passion is Gliding (Sailplanes, not Hanggliders). I fly up at Waikerie, and have been doing so since I was in my mothers womb. You know, family thing! :)

    I've already spent a couple of hours reading the tips etc., and I've got to say they're absolutely fantastic, and I learned a fair bit!

    Well, that's about it. See you around I guess.
  2. Bonjour!
  3. Gday Stueh, good intro mate, for a 20 year old, looks like you have got your head screwed on the right way, youll fit right in here champ, now go get some reading done, Welcome to NR!
  4. Single mother family, she was a shift worker, I left school to work in Elizabeth/Salisbury (the, uh, lower economical area of Adelaide), and I left home to backpack around Australia when I was 17. I had to grow up pretty damn quickly! :)

    Also, I work at an all girls school >.>
  5. Welcome! :grin:
  6. Buenos diaz
  7. Lets see...walford, mitcham girls...?
  8. Welcome Stew!
  9. No doubt the Year 12's love you :wink:

    You lucky bastard! I'd love to work with a plethora of exploitable teenagers! :LOL:
  10. ^^ Ahem! Careful there P, you're lucky enough to have a gorgeous girl as your better half :wink:

    Welcome to the nut house, otherwise known as NR, Stueh :grin:
  11. I'd prefer not to say exactly where I work, due to the fact that just knowing I'm the IT guy and where I work means anyone can find out who I am, but I can safely say, no not walford and no not mitcham! :)

    Haha, yup. They do warm up to me rather well. Being a 20yr old male at an all girls school has it's advantages. It also has it's disadvantages, like going out to town and having a student approach you in a nightclub or something. Kinda awkward.

    Granted, I am currewntly with an ex student? =P Althoug, for the record, we met outside of school, after she left, through mutual friends :)

    Also, it's not THAT good working at a girls' school. See, if I were to get caught (or even suspected of, really) looking at innapropriatly, in a room alone with a student, too close to a studnet, ant physical contact with a student etc. I'm out of a job, and if I piss off a student, and they were so inclined, they could easily say things to cost me my job and future careers too.

    Also, you go home with blue balls every day.

    But I never said that >.>

    And, thanks for all the welcomes people! :)
  12. just do a nudie run in the quadrangle in the morning, u know u want to. :grin:
  13. Welcome. There are ways to rid yourself of the blue balls issue.
  14. It's amazing how quickly things can turn from "Hello! I'm new here!" to doing nudie runs through a quadrangle at an all girls school and blue balls.

    I'm laughing at least? :)
  15. ^^ Ahhhh yep, folks 'round here are easily distracted "off topic" :p

    Get used to it, happens a lot, politely it's called lateral thinking and often ends up being verrry funny! :LOL:

    ... I'm sure even the idea of a 'nudie run' put a smile on your dial :p
  16. Welcome!
    Im also from SA, there is a few of us around!
    Your lucky living at Norton Summit! I live near the base of Chain of Ponds, and its great being so close to both the city and the hills.
    The cb250 will be a great bike to get started on, Ive known a few people with them!
    Best of luck, and might catch you out and about sometime!
  17. Welocme to NR,