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Ulysses club ride taken out by SMIDSY P plater.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Aug 12, 2013.

  1. Thought about posting this in multimedia, but it's not really in the spirit of that forum.

    Never assume that a vehicle that could cut across your path has seen you.

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  2. How on earth can one "fail to see" a big group of loud cruisers on an open road?
    Below my understanding...

    Surely there could be factors, like hill or fog or whatever (they may say speed too), but fcuk me. Failing to see a group of cruisers!

    Having said that, the fact that three were cut is somewhat suspicious.
  3. Bloody oath, that's awful.
  4. hope the riders recover :(
  5. It's often not a case of SMIDSY but "..I didn't bother looking".

    I ride through an industrial park to work and i would say anecdotally every other day i come to an intersection or driveway where i have the right of way I watch as the other driver look left, and then proceed to pull out as they begin turning there head to look right.

    by this time i have scrubbed of virtually all my speed and almost at a stop before they have seen me then, i can see the the exact moment on there face when they get the fright of there life and jump on the brakes but there car is already across the path i would have traveled.

    I shake my head and ride around them.

    what stumps me even more is that from a young age when crossing the road you are taught look right then left then right again, you look right first because that is the direction that the closes danger will be coming from.
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  6. Some time ago I coined an acronym for it - SMIDBL (Sorry Mate I Didn't Bother Looking)

    We can probably anticipate SMIDBLs around city but somewhere in the middle of nowhere, on open roads, riders probably get a bit complacent not expecting anything.

    I noticed that with me a few times and had to shake myself up to wake up and start focusing properly.

    Really hope the riders will be ok. Being airlifted must be meaning pretty critical condition.
  7. I'd be checking that guy's mobile phone to see when his last text message was.
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  8. Or girl.

    They were careful to not mention the P-plater's gender.
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  9. Let's see if the driver receives the appropriate punishment...

    I certainly hope it's more than what a rider would get if he/she were speeding in the middle of nowhere causing no harm to anyone.
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  10. what the Frog do you mean?
  11. #11 Porchy, Aug 12, 2013
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 12, 2013
    Does anyone know who the lady was that was injured? I am a little concerned that it may be XXXXXXXXXX. I saw the red C50 and it looked a little like her bike.
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  12. we have a rule about mentioning names before the fact please leave it alone until you KNOW otherwise people become alarmed unnecessarily.
  13. Sorry. Just concerned. Point noted.
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  14. Time and time again it's saddening to see this happen, this time 3 of our brothers/sisters affected .... wish them all a speedy recovery and the driver gets everything they deserve...
  15. Quick recovery to the riders.
    I was pretty pissed with the report I saw - ended with "police are investigating if the driver was at fault"

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  16. Thoughts To the riders and their families here's hoping for a full recovery
  17. Thats what an investigation is-to establish what happened.
    What do you want-a road side lynching ?
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  18. Not good.
    All of us motorcycle riders will be punished if these self centered dicks keep knocking us over, by means of mandatory wearing of high vis vests.
  19. Did you not notice that they were wearing HiViz vests?
  20. yeah I did notice some wearing them but couldn't tell if the guys hit were..
    What happens if we are all wearing them and people are still getting run over?
    Ban motorcycles?