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Ultra Ever Dry

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by Mr Messy, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. Holy crap thats awesome!
    Im going to buy some if i can in australia... havent looked yet!
    Motorcycle jacket or boots looks like a possible recipient...

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  2. Although looking up MSDS...

    Base coat:
    Proprietary Polymer
    Proprietary Additive

    Thats just about every type of hydrocarbon there is from standard, aromatic and polycyclic aromatic... Not sure i want that on my skin lol.

    Top coat:
    Proprietary Additive

    Thats not so bad... compared to the first though lol. Acetone is known to eat through man made fibers and bleach clothes though... maybe someone else can try it on their expensive bike gear first lmao.

    Still impressive party trick though, would like to get a couple bottles just for fun.
  3. there's also no clear version so it will make all your stuff a weird translucent white
  4. And no you can't get it in aus. I tried.

    Even getting it shipped is nearly impossible.
  5. This product is now available in Australia.
    The item is listed on sea breeze and gumtree.

  6. whoa....epic marketing guys ....not ten minutes had passed before they were onto this...Sussss