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Ultimate Nooooob (part 1.3x10^58)

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by thedragonreborn, Apr 23, 2006.

  1. Private Sale

  2. Dealer

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  3. Give me your cash and you can have my bike

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  1. hey peps,

    I would like to say hello to all out there, I have been browsing the forum for a while and I must say thanks for all your help. I recently moved from brizvegas to sydney and have decided to get me a bike, I have my learners and done some training with stayupright and I am soo keen to get a bike, the $6K is just burning a hole in my pocket!

    Anyways, thought i would say "hi" and look forward to maybe catching up with you sometimes!


  2. Welcome. I've been riding for about 10 days now and it's fantastic you will really enjoy it.

    I say that you should buy privately since it's only your first bike so it's highly unlikely you will be buying a brand new bike. There is no guarantee that what you buy at the dealership is any better than what a private seller has to offer...and of course dealerships charge like a wounded bull.

    Of course if you hand over $5000 (I'll leave you $1000 for your gear) you can have my shiny red VTR250 with Staintune exhaust :).
  3. Go secondhand and bring an experienced netrider with you to sort you out a great bike at a great price.

    Then buy that netrider lots of beer.

  5. you mite be able to pick up a GS500 LAMs learner leagal for that but you may need to get some gear too.

    just up from ryde is the Olympic site , where the homebush bay brewery is located, we meet their monthly for drinks & socialise. even if you dont have a bike you can come along and talk to others about bikes
  6. hey guys,

    Thanks for your responses, Yeah I have read about the meeting at Homebush and I am keen to meet and greet you guys. I also heard there are learner practice lines painted somewhere around there! As for bikes, well I have been looking for about 2 weeks, constantly looking at all the usual sites/papers. Is it just me or do some people want to over charge to the crapper? People out there are trying to sell 10 yr old bikes with 50K km + for over 4k - 5k. Am I missing something?

    I have been looking at the following (The usual suspects),

    VTR250, VT250 Spada, ZZR250, GSX250F, Bandit, FZX250 and something that has caught my attention the FZ250 <- Are these any good?

    As you can see, I am more into the semi naked bikes and it appears that the bikes that I am looking seem to go up in value as time go forward, Coming from QLD, i thought that 250cc bikes would be hell cheap down here. But I am thinking other wise!

    Let me know your thoughts,

    PS - Is anyone keen to go bike shopping this Saturday, FREE Beer for all!
  7. Free beer??? Jeez, half of MELBOURNE Netriders will be up for that :LOL:
  8. in new south wales we have LAMS , that means you can buy a 500cc bike that is approved by the rta to be learner leagal. so your options are greater.
  9. Yeah I found that out, but I thought it would make alot of the 250's a little cheaper. They all seem alittle pricey for there age! I was looking at the GS500 on Saturday, If I had more cash, I would probably get one. I was also amazed that you can "unrestrict" the Hyosung GT650. Geees I am such a nooob!
  10. Hi mate and welcome ,just a quick ? ,how old are you ???
    you know about the being over 30 and if you have a NSW gold licence ect ,you can get a bigger bike once you have done your P test ,you get a full licence .

    Anyways welcome and see you at homebush.
  11. Hye champ, I am a young one, 21 and on my opens.

    question: Are bikebiz in paramatta any good? They appear to be genuine and listen to what you say, just wondering if any one has dealt with them before? I am thinking of dealing with them, as Action across the road were rubbish in regards to being interested in my cash!

  12. They're fine as long as you don't buy one of the crash damaged 250's they're trying to flog for more than what they cost brand new.
  13. All good choices except perhaps the FZ250. The FZ250 Phazer certainly looks good and does have the distinction of being the first production 4-cylinder 250 however they are incredibly rare even in Japan, and usually seriously overpriced for a bike made in the mid-80's. I thought about buying one myself but couldn't find any info (in English) about them on what parts, if any, are compatible with other models. Possibly a good choice if you wanted a Japanese classic but as a learner bike you'd be better off with something more common - it'll be cheaper/easier to fix if you stack it.