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Ultimate Motorcycles and Sumoto

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by i.d.g.a.f, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. Ultimate Motorcycles in maroochydore and Sumoto motorcycles seem to be either the same company, or one of them copied the idea of the other.

    they both sell all 250cc grey import/2nd hand motorbikes with the "$700 package and free $100 freight credit"

    has anyone had any experience with Ultimate motorcycles ?

    do they have the same reputation as sumoto ?
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  3. what reputation is that?

    unhelpful, overpriced, dont give 2 shits about their customers, lazy, useless? shall i go on?

    if ultimate motorcycles are half as shit as sumoto than i wouldnt even bother

    note: i didnt buy a bike from them
  4. I was looking to go to Sumoto cos they seem to be the only guys with a Hornet, but after weighing up the frozen prawns, the bad aftersales help, the dodgy complience stuff, and the way the get a bike slap on the paint without any prep and chuck it out the door to someone who obviously knows nothing about bikes because its their first one, means they never worry about repeat customers.

    But I not heard anything bad apart from that !
  5. I have been there a few times :) They seem very helpful.. As always 250cc are always over priced if you are buying from a company.. However they do have the extra offer of the gear as well, which is good.

    However if I was buying a 250cc I would be more inclined to buy privately :)