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Ultimate Landcruiser

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by 2wheelsagain, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. This has potential for those of us who work or play in swamps, sand or snow but I wonder what the travel speed is like :?:



  2. WTF Would you use those for in QLD?
  3. Find out for yourself!


  4. I'd guess on Fraser Island or similar places :)
  5. For driving on ALL THE SNOW duh.
  6. Don't want one. Crush it.
  7. I want 2.

    Gimme rog's.
  8. All yours Chris.
  9. Tank better not be empty...
  10. Nope. Brimfull of beer.
  11. This thing you type. It is acceptable.
  12. Very good. Would you like fries with your order?
  13. Yes.
    And a sachet of that awesome Shaker Fries mexican seasoning that was started then discontinued in the mid 90's. I know you still have some out the back!

    I do miss it, so.
  14. You sure they aren't leftovers from "Scrapheap Challenge"? :wink:
  15. Do you need a packet of felching straws, to suck the beer out?
  16. Nothing's new....

  17. Crude, Rog.

    Don't make me open a bottle, and turn this matter over to Ktulu²...
  18. OK, I'll come up to help then. :grin: