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Ultimate Addons Motorcycle iPhone Mount

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by MissionMan, Nov 28, 2011.

  1. Overview


    Note: There were no kittens harmed during the writing of this review but the author takes not responsibility for any kittens that may die as a result of this review.

    This review covers the rechargeable version of the ultimate add ons case. They have a non-chargeable version for bicycle owners or motorcyclists who don't want the charging functionality but this review was never designed to appeal to the tree hugging, bunny kissing, carbon neutral environmentalist bicycle riders so if you're one of those, tough shit. If you're someone that wants the non-charging kind for your motorbike, don't blame me if you get stuck in the middle of frankston when your battery goes flat on your iPhone. (not that we have any problems with the drug dealers...oops, I mean residents of Frankston)

    The "Ultimate-Addons Motorcycle/Bicycle Waterproof Mount" is pretty self explanatory as the name kind of says it all. It's a waterproof motorcycle/bicycle iPhone 4 hard case. I figured they could have gone for something catchy like ibikemount (would have worked for both bicycle and motorcycle) but i guess all the "i" names are probably patented (and Apple would have i-sued their asses) or they figured they'd go for the "we couldn't think of a short name because we spent all our marketing budget on our company logo" option. They have two versions in the range for iPhones, a charging version and a non-charging version, the charging version obviously more suited to motorcycles because it comes with a kit to attach it to the battery (which bicycles don't have unless you have one of those electric ones and I doubt will appeal to anyone here except that guy with a motorized chair as his picture). While it's unlikely that you will use the charger to keep the phone charged for extended periods, it is particularly useful if you use your TomTom or one of the other Sat Nav apps which tends to drain batteries like a wife's vibrator during footy finals.


    <start of idiotic disclaimer aimed at stupid people> I have to add this crap in case some idiot blames me for his/her stupidity. (My lawyer seems to recommend it after that last incident where I joked about replacing your brake fluid with helium to make your brakes lighter) - I don't recommend that you don't use the iPhone Sat Nav as a visual aid while riding. For motorcycles its recommended you use the iPhone TomTom with a bluetooth headset to ensure that you can listen to your instructions and have a quick gaze down when safety allows you to momentarily take your eyes off the road in front. I.e. While stationary at traffic lights as opposed to when riding 1m from the bumper in front of you while wheeling and traveling at 160km/h lanesplitting between two trucks. <End disclaimer for stupid people.>

    <start of disclaimer for collingwood/manly supporters> Bike sat Nav will not steer your bike for you. You will still be required to steer where it tells you to go which eliminates the option to sit back and have a beer while the bike steers itself. This is not unlike the sat nav in a car. If you don't understand directions without swear words, TomTom have an Ozzie Osbourne version which will provide you with a drugged up swearing version of a co-pilot who may give you instructions you are accustomed to <end disclaimer for collingwood/manly supporters>


    Fitment of the mount is pretty simple and doesn't require any special skills. Any idiot could do it with limited technical knowledge or basic skills like how to use a screwdriver (this may be best suited for Hyo riders who are used to having to fix their bikes and probably have a wide range of tools available).


    While it should fit most motorbike, so I'd suggest you look at the design before purchasing to make sure it will fit yours. I have the Yamaha XJ6N and there were no issues fitting the mount. The instructions are pretty self explanatory and all to the relevant parts are provided for wiring to the battery with the exception of the screwdriver (the metal and plastic kind, not the vodka and orange kind) and cable ties depending on how you intend fitting it. No special screwdrivers required, it's a stock Phillips driver. A fuse is provided to ensure no damage should there be any voltage surges from revving and wheelies at traffic lights whilst on your kitten killing escapades. There is also an on/off switch for those who are worried about it.

    The mount is attached to an appropriate part of the motorcycle bars. The iPhone 4 hard case clips into the mount and is removable which reduces the risk of theft. The power cable also clips off. I have previously had issues with theft when using a Ram box which is more permanently mounted to the bike due to a custom power fitting. If you see any collingwood supporters with a ram box mounted to their steering wheel on their commodore, let me know, it's probably mine although it may be currently used as a beer holder.

    Using the case

    There are normally two issues with cases on motorcycles (bare in mind that you are not legally allowed to touch your Sat Nav even while stationary at a traffic light. Playing angry birds is almost guaranteed to get you a fine):

    1) Can you use them while still in the case
    2) Can you use them with a glove

    The first one works quite easily but gloves are a different story. Obviously you're not legally supposed to touch your Sat Nat while traveling so this requirement is more to do with pulling over to the side of the road (inserted for disclaimer reasons solely). There is nothing worse than having to remove a phone from it's case in the rain so you can set new Sat Nav locations or avoid a particular portion of the route. Fortunately in this case it's useable through the case but you may battle with gloves. My resulted with gloves were inconsistent, it worked sometimes and didn't work on others so I suspect the choice of gloves will have a major impact on the success and its probably easier just to take them off.

    The nice part with this case is its designed to be used as a carry around case, so if you want something to take to the beach with you, this will work.


    This case falls in the water resistant category rather than waterproof but it's does what it's designed to do. The nature of the case means it's won't work if you insert your phone and dunk it in water, but i guess thats why it isn't called a Submarine mounted iPhone case. It will provide adequate waterproofing for heavy thunderstorms while riding because the only danger point is at the bottom of the case and water does not run uphill unless you're in the northern hemisphere where you're upside down. The reason for this is connector access point doesn't look like it's sealed 100% enough for a submerging, but with the connector at the bottom, it's unlikely any water would travel up in a storm. I'd recommend against any activities that would result in full submerging like riding off piers, through waist deep rivers, underwater motocross or attaching to a jetski to find your girlfriends house during the next Queensland flood.


    Crash protection

    Unfortunately no crash protection is offered for the phone in any sense. there are no iPhone accessories for this case that add Aus Standard Crash protection. It has about the same chance as you of surviving a SMIDSY. Fortunately if you're In hard enough smash to break your phone, you probably won't be able to dial either so it may not be an issue.

    Value for money

    The box cost around $70 including shipping which is not unreasonable given the nature of product. I've seen standard iPhone cases priced similarly and given the built in charger and bike connector provided standard as part of the kit, it seems quite good. Quality is perfectly reasonable for the product. The non-charging version costs is obviously cheaper.



    it's a good case, works well and does what it says it does. some people may complain about the price, but these are probably the same people who will steal them off bikes when you accidentally leave them attached. Unfortunately I didn't see any android versions, that's what you get for buying a second rate replica OS with cheap ass hardware that isn't standardized so it makes it impossible to have a one size fits all.
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    Looks nice and thanks for the feedback. One of the better ones out there.
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  4. good entertaining review !
  5. I received my case today and it looks very good. Got the one without the charger since I already charging capability for the phone

    Good to see that you can still operate all the buttons on the phone while inside the case.

    Will take it out for a test ride tomorrow.
  6. any updates on this mount?
  7. Easily one of the best product reviews I've seen on Netrider!! Congrats.
  8. Ordered one and it never arrived...complained to seller and was given a full refund within 24 hours, so at least I can vouch for them being good to deal with, as they said they did post it, but as it was probably lost in the mail, they would refund me.

    I plan to re-order in a few weeks when I have spare money again :)
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    I bought one of these. It arrived in 11 days.

    Had the case on the bars this weekend but hadn't hooked up the power.

    It's pretty much as described but is it waterproof ? I guess we'll find out next time it rains.

    The handlebar clamp is very thick so to mount it centre i would have to remove the bars. At present it's mounted left side of the bars which isn't where my eyes are scanning normally which makes the GPS a bit annoying.

    I turn the phone on its side when using GPS which works really well although the phone goes dim sometimes.

    I also tried it doing videos while I was riding on the Saturday. Took about 1.5 hours of video. The video is pretty good but sometimes there was a wave effect visible in the video.I had a number of suggestions from folks about the cause from sound frequency effecting the video to bike vibration. But what happening is that there is a thin plastic film in front of the camera lense for waterproofing. It is blowing and flexing as the bike moves and this is showing up on the camera.

    The leads for the power are 3m long. Too long. Also on my bike the best installation would require removing the tank.

    I had to cut the leads open the on/off switch box and resolder them back on. I managed to thread something under the tank and then pull the lead through to the handle bars without removing the tank so I now have power for my iPhone and a mount that is hopefully waterproof (I have my doubts).

    Another annoyance is there is an on/off switch box for the power. It's quite blocky. I had to store it next to the battery under the seat. So unless I want to leave it live all the time I have to open the seat every time i want to turn it on. It runs off the battery regardless of whether the ignition is on or off. I would rather have something tied into the bikes on/off so it never has a chance of draining the battery.

    I don't have a Bluetooth kit but once I get one and an sync the phone to it ill be able to hear the GPS as well as see it. That should work really well.

    So in summary, it's ok, you get what you pay and it only cost about $70-$80 and it came pretty quickly imo.

    I'm tempted to get a powerlet from bluerim but that would cost substantially more and that's only for power I'd still need a waterproof case.