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[UK] Well...we all knew this!

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pro-pilot, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/pages/live/articles/news/news.html?in_article_id=484767&in_page_id=1770

    Council cuts speed camera budget because they are now 'more about making money than saving lives'

    A council has slashed its funding for speed cameras after claiming they had become more about making money than saving lives.

    North Somerset Council has cut a third of its £300,000 contribution to the West of England Road Safety Partnership, after complaining the group had lost sight of its original purpose.

    It also blamed the Government for taking money generated by fines to swell central coffers, rather than ploughing it back into local safety schemes.

    Councillors now want to spend their budget on other road projects, and have even threatened to cut all funding for speed cameras.

    North Somerset councillor Elfan Ap Rees, who is responsible for transport, insisted the cash could be better spent in other areas.

    He said: "Motorists have wised up to where the cameras are and slow down and then speed up again. The Government has also changed the rules.

    "What used to happen was all the money brought in from fines was passed straight to the local authority and the road partnership.

    "But it now goes to the Treasury which creams some off the top, so it is a money-making exercise."

    The announcement has been condemned by the local road safety partnership, which says lives will be put at risk and that it could lead to more irresponsible driving on the region's roads.

    Spokesman David Gollicker said: "The vast majority of residents agree that cameras play a vital role in cutting speeds and casualties.

    "This move is bound to lead to a reduction in camera enforcement in North Somerset, which I believe will put lives at risk."

    Speed cameras have been repeatedly attacked in the area by angry drivers. The partnership admitted earlier this year it had even installed CCTV to spy on a speed camera, after it was twice targeted by vandals.

    Councillor Ap Rees warned that other councils could follow their lead and begin switching the focus of road safety strategies away from speed cameras.
  2. Yay, finally a realisation from a government body (even if it is in the UK) that speed cameras do not actually police the roads.
  3. and now they'll have to be unindoctrinated <----- that's a word

  4. Surely it will have no impact on the operation of the cameras?

    Sure it sends a message, but the money taken in fines can easily be directed to replace what the council had contributed. Saying that it will cost lives is just plain dumb.
  5. As much as I'd like to believe they decided to mend their ways, I suspect the above quote is the real reason for that sudden change.
    Cynical? Me? Never!
  6. Council elections coming up? When have you ever heard of a council sacrificing a money-spinner for "The People".
  7. Yeah but blackmail is not a dirty word in politics. especially if it's for 'the people'. :twisted: