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N/A | National [UK] UK anti EU protest rides

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. http://www.romseyadvertiser.co.uk/n...s_mount_huge_demo_along_M3_and_M27_motorways/





  2. Besides the bullshit we already knew about…

    "Bikes which are more than seven years old could also be banned from urban areas, to cut down on pollution."

    Are you fucking serious?
  3. I believe Japan already has similar laws.
  4. China does.
  5. True, but you have to see China's (and Tokyo's) pollution to believe it. Or is that touch it?

    Either way, bikes contribute about a poofteenth of one per cent of it.
  6. And for those who don't realise it, 'grey imports' are mostly Japaneese bikes that have been 'removed' from the road.
  7. I love places that legislate based on feelings instead of logic and science.
  8. China is also on the short list of "countries I wouldn't set foot in for under $250,000 in cash. Per day."
  9. I think Japanese laws are to do with increased domestic production rather than environmental concerns.
  10. In fairness to Japan, I think they have the same laws for ALL vehicles.

    It's also a good way to ensure your manufacturing sector stays viable.
  11. "Hey, let's fuck over people and make them buy new cars to help companies".

    Great thinking, I'm surprised the dipshits here haven't cottoned on to that one yet. They already cause imported vehicles worth buying to be ridiculously expensive to support the local crap, might as well go harder in supporting industries that can't function without being propped up by the government.
  12. Shall we take a break from bullshit laws in China and Japan and examine the elephant in the room of why the Euros and Brits actually get off their arses and do something other than whinge on the internet and Australians....erm....don't?

    Invalid bollocks about small populations and big distances will not be entertained. Constructive discussion about how to turn the MRA into an effective national body that does something other than provide a vehicle for tedious (for those not involved) personal feuds will gain bonus points. If the MRA does not wish to become an effective national body, constructive discussion as to how an organisation that does may be founded will gain similar bonus points.
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  13. I agree with PatB. It's imperative.
  14. Agreed.
  15. They have similar regs for cars. not bans but higher tax and i think insurance.
  16. Yay, punish the poor, woooooo
  17. First point: In the photos in the OP, I can see cruisers, sport bikes, customs, trailies, a trike, a sidecar and nakeds/streetfighters. From experience of similar events, I'd also expect classics to be represented but my eyesight simply isn't up to it. They are united as riders first and aren't letting internal tribal bullshit get in the way.

    Second point: Weather in the second photo doesn't look that crash hot. These folk feel strongly enough that getting a bit damp doesn't stop them turning out.
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  18. I can see your point, but in this case i can also see the governments point over there. Older cars here dont rust as much and can be generally well maintaned with a bit of TLC so you get less complete lemons. Over there older cars turn into death traps VERY quickly, with VERY bad roads and bad weather. They also have vastly better public transport coverage and most communities have a full range of services available to them so most of what you need is only a walk/pushbike ride away. It aint like here where in some remote places your nearest neighbour is a couple of hours drive away!

    Anyhow, slightly off topic for this thread so id better not continue :)
  19. http://www.bikesales.com.au/news/2011/french-riders-come-out-en-masse-26890


  20. Umm which bullsh*t laws do you think that Australian motorcyclists are letting through. There was a large protest from greenslip last year and there were also big ones when they tried to ban filtering.

    Stop bagging Oz otherwise it becomes a self fufilling prophecy, people think I wont turn up to the protest because I know that Aussies CBF.