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UK test of new Suzuki GSR600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Gromit, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. The reviewer seems somewhat unhappy but it also seems to be mostly due to the bike not meeting his expectations for a super-sport machine, so let's just see what other reviewers have to say... I might be biased, but I generally do not take anything I read in British mags at face value - this is probably thanks to my exposure to their awful music press - all scene and hype and bitchiness... are their motoring journalists any better?

    Personally I don't want a super-sport anyway, I am after a well-sorted road bike that will do commute duty and occasional ride out of the city with a bit of style and minimum of fuss... so I'll be keeping my eye on this one.
  2. *cough-cough*
    Notice how, at the top of the article, the byline carries the name *Harriet* Ridley.

    Point taken, though. She whinges about the bike not having usd forks and radial brakes, components which weren't de rigeur even on full-on sports 600's until a year ago.

    Depends. Superbike has a regular column at the start where they list which other mags dropped which testbikes and which other mags are having management problems.

    Fast Bikes I haven't bothered with since the turn of the century because they have no clue about how bikes work, show no interest in correcting that, but still bang on about "ergonomy" this and "front-endy" that. They get bitchy about other publications on occasion, too.

    Performance Bikes is the only one I buy with any kind of regularity because they do pay attention to the tech side of things and now that Simon Hargreaves has phuqqued off to ruin the reputation of another mag, they've stopped writing about R1's being out in 1995.

    Ride is for nerds.

    Bike is helmed by Simon Hargreaves. The have no idea.

    TWO is for yuppies.
  3. IK don't you read BIKE to get your monthly OGRI???
  4. Ride is for nerds.

    Why is ride for nerds
  5. Can't say I've ever been tempted to buy Ride, but I do get TWO quite regularly and Bike if there's something particularly interesting in it.

    PB seems okay, the others seem to concentrate on tits and "fooly sikk" modded sportsbikes. Which is fine, but not for a yuppy like me. :p :LOL: