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UK story (stolen)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, Aug 4, 2006.

  1. from another website, but thought worth sharing...

    I'm not a big fan of the Old Bill at the best of times.. back in February, I was in Bristol for a mate's birthday. We went out on the town things got a little out of hand, 1 drink, 5 drinks, and like every bad night, we ended up in the middle of a sweaty dance floor in a club called (I think) The Lizard Lounge. I picked up a pretty thing who clearly wasn't put off by my Napoleon Dynomite moves and should have known better. A lot better. Anyway, turns out she was into bikes. The next morning, I woke worse for wear in my mate's spare room and sprawled out next to me was the girl from last night, let's call her Sarah. As I made a morning cuppa, just looking at my TL1000s - let alone riding it - made me feel ill, but promises are promises..

    We went out for a quick blast and then navigated our way back to hers. I was hoping for a quick exit, but before I could get my lid off, her Dad had arrived on the scene. He was looking around my bike. "Aha, a biker - I thought.. result!"

    "Your exhausts are a bit loud, your numberplate is too small and it's filthy too.." were his first words. Ok then.. I made a cheeky comment about the exhausts saving my life as I strapped the spare bike gear onto the pillion seat with a bungee. Not one for being bollocked, I fired up the TL pronto - me and my loud cans and tiny plate made a swift exit.

    It wasn't until I got back to my mate's house that I found out Sarah's Dad was a big cheese in the Avon & Somerset Police. Nice of her to tell me.. Lucky escape I thought.. that is, until Monday morning when I left my mates house to head up the M4 home, but I only managed to get to the end of his road before I was pulled over by, you guessed it, the Old Bill.

    I was made to produce for illegal cans, a small plate and they tried to get me on a bald rear tyre too. The word I'm looking for right now starts with W and rhymes with Anchor. So, now Mr. Barnest (or Sergeant or whatever it is your called) you'll be glad to know my plate is a bit bigger now - it's still dirty, but nowhere near as dirty as your daughter and I hear she's still handing out the 'producers' to the lads around Bristol every Friday night..

    So that's my bit for Police/Biker relations. My work here is done..
  2. :rofl: :rofl:
    That is G.O.L.D.
  3. What is it with coppers daughters?

    Only girl that ever asked me to tie her up was a coppers daughter.