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UK Standards Helmet..... Can i get it certified??

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Flecky, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Hi all.

    I moved to Brisbane from Northern Ireland 2 years ago and have just bought an 01 CBR 600f.

    My problem is that i brought my $1000 Shoei helmet with me thinking that i could use it here. But no! I'm not allowed. :cry:

    Does anyone know if it is possible to get my British Standards ($1000) helmet certified to Australian Standards, or do i have a really expensive flower pot???

    Any help would be greatly apreciated. :? :? :?

  2. Yeah, pretty sure you have an expensive flower pot! Fairly sure that even if you could get it certified, you'd probably end up paying more than you paid for the helmet! Think you'll have to bite the bullet
  3. i have a mate in the same position. even the same brand helmet .Ive never been pulled over by the cops on the bike would they realy check a shoei or any other helmet for A.S.sticker?
  4. I'm not too worried about the cops, its the insurance if i come off that i'm worried about. :roll:
  5. Someone told me (allegedly) that if you just happen across an AS sticker that just happens to find itself attached to your helmet (darn sticky stuff) then you're more than likely ok.

    Just make sure that the Shoei is sold in Aus, no one would ever go to the trouble to try to prove a UK Shoei is different to an Aus Shoei.

    Alternatively you could just update to a new helmet to match the bike :)
  6. And, lids aside, welcome to Netrider, the friendly forum :grin:
  7. You definately have one expensive flower pot there hey.....
    There isn't a way that is easy or cheap to get that helmet a legal AS sticker..

    Even peeling those things off isn't pretty! plus the massive Void void Void writing that comes out with it!!
  8. Are you sure? I've seen it done many times...
  9. yes it IS possible!

    you buy another 24 of those helmets
    give all 25 to a NATA lab here
    and get them tested to the AS standard

    sounds easy....yeah
    one problem... The AS test requires destruction testing of the 25 :shock:

    think it might be easier
    if you go buy another helmet here with an AS sticker :grin:

    oh...and welcome to here :cool:
  10. Hello Flecky,

    Welcome aborad. I guess a question you have to ask yourself is did you belt around Northern Ireland in your current helmet safe in the knowledge that it woud protect your head?

    I am guessing you did.

    Therefore would a bright silver sticker increase the protective abilities of your current helmet?

    I am guessing it won't.
    (I just love bureacracy sometimes)

    Cejay's alleged suggestion might be a good halfway point if you are still nervous about the mystical protective qualities of a AS sticker.

    I have never had my helmet checked by police, at track days or by the Netrider safety squad ever.
  11. After the last time I saw you at Friday coffee, with the Mega Squid outfit, I'm surprised you're even allowed to post here :p

    Oh yeah, I remember, you were on your pushy.. :)
  12. As Flecky said, it's the insurance that you need be concerned about. If you are laying in a hospital bed and TAC are staring down the barrel of a massive payout to you after an off, THEY WILL CHECK. Trust me, been there. :wink: If there is anything that the insurance Co. can use to imply thet you 'contributed' to your injuries, they will.

    Of course, if it is a helmet that was sold here in Australia, you could probably get away with just removing the UK sticker and telling them the Aus Std one fell of in the sun. It would be near impossible to prove otherwise unless the lid has a serial number on it somewhere, but I doubt they would go to that much trouble.
  13. Thanks for the warm welcome and advise people.

    I think i'm gonna have to invest in a new lid :roll:

    Has anyone got any sugestions on what to plant in my new Shoei flower pot??
  14. ummm...a cactus? :LOL: :LOL:
  15. It is not only illegal (therefore an out for the insurance company) to wear a helmet that hasn't been certified, it is illegal to wear one that doesn't have an Australian AS1698 sticker on it. The stickers do have a serial number on them. Therefore, ignore Triway. :p

    On the other hand, if the same model was sold in Australia, have you tried asking Shoei for assistance. Perhaps they could provide a sticker, although it is unlikely. Shame to waste a good lid without asking.

    Also, welcome.
  16. Shoei will tell you to jump cause a. they'll never certify a second hand helmet and b. they'll tell you just to buy one of theirs in Australia![/list]
  17. is anyone really that worried a helmet without the AS sticker is illegal ? Is the worse that can happen getting a fine ?

    I posted this in another thread - shouldnt helmets with similar approval overseas be technically legal on the roads here..


    As for the sticker, interesting to note this for tourist motorcyclists to Australia - from


    Helmets for Motorcyclists
    Motorcyclists and their pillion passengers are required to wear helmets. The helmet must comply with Australian Standard AS 1698. Helmets that comply with Snell M90 (US), ERECT (Europe), BS6658 (UK), NZS5430 (NZ), JIST-8133 (Japan) or SS9 (Singapore) standards are suitable.

    In all cases the standard label or sticker certifying compliance with the relevant standard must be clearly visible and must not be removed.
  18. No, I expect that Motorcycle helmets are similar to push bike helmets, and that manufacturers actually make them different in some cases so they reach Aus Std's.
  19. Have just sent the AAA an email asking where they got this info and if they can confirm it with any relevant gummint informaiton...

    We'll see what we get...

  20. Hi Pete, how did you go?? did you get any word back? Im interested because I was/am thinkng about getting a helmet overseas.