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UK sense

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by TonyE, Apr 12, 2008.

  1. I've just gotten back from the Motorcycle Safety Summit in Canberra (about which I'll post another time). One of the presenters was Tony Sharp from the Institute of Highway Engineers who was responsible for developing the motorcycle guidelines for highway engineers.

    Read them and weep.

    In particular have a look at the Travel Plans section.
    Travel Plans are required where new developments are taking place that might have an influence on transport requirements.

    The Travel Plan focuses on encouraging modal shift from single occupancy private cars by improving options for travel to the workplace and encouraging wider use of sustainable transport.This is often achieved by introducing a combination of incentives and disincentives to persuade and support people using alternative commuter modes.

    The site has a PDF with examples of these plans...

    This is the GCHQ example (GCHQ is Britians "spook central" for Signals Inteligence)

    Example 5: GCHQ - Cheltenham
    3.4.6 In September 2003, GCHQ moved to new headquarters which
    replaced more than 50 buildings in and around Cheltenham. As
    part of its Travel Plan GCHQ is encouraging more staff to use forms
    of transport other than the single occupancy car.The new site has
    15% less parking spaces.

    Although half of the organisation was already
    located in older buildings in the vicinity, the arrival of new
    staff from the other side of town placed extra pressure on the local
    road network.

    About 15% of its 4,500 staff cycle to work and at least
    5% use motorcycles - this is set to increase. In association with
    Gloucestershire County Council, BikeSafe has been promoted at the
    site and those cycling and motorcycling benefit from secure,
    preferential parking, lockers and showers and the option of an
    interest-free loan to purchase machines and protective clothing

  2. :beer: What a brilliant idea.

    Unfortunately I dont see that ever happening here. Imagine asking any of the relevant transport ministers to think outside the box for anything other than new ways to catch people speeding. Their all muppets.
  3. First media reporting on the Summit

    Speeding not the real cause of motorbike accidents
    Richard Blackburn, drive.com.au, April 11, 2008

    An international expert says that targeting speeding motorcyclists is merely a distraction from more relevant road safety issues. By RICHARD BLACKBURN.

    Speed is not the big killer for bike riders, according to experts

    Speeding is “a distraction from other issues†that contribute to the motorcycle road toll, according to an international expert.

    The secretary general of the International Motorcycle Manufacturers’ Association, Dr Nick Rogers, says that on its own, speeding is not a major contributor to the road toll.

    “Research in Europe shows that the vast majority of accidents occur below 50km/h, so speed is not the issue; it is an aggravating factor when something else goes wrong.

    “It is not true to say that because people are going fast, that is why they have an accident. Speed is just a distraction from other issues such as perception failures by riders and other motorists,†he says.

    Dr Rogers is in Australia to address the inaugural Australian Motorcycle and Scooter Safety Summit, held in Canberra on April 10 and 11, 2008.

    Rest of article here
  4. just before i moved to Aus i was working at Heathrow termial 4 in london, bikes were the only vehicles allowed on to site with secure undercover parking by the security office, it saved a 10 min walk to get off site at the end of the day and all the lads who drove in were envious

    Dont get me wrong, i love Australia and wouldnt live back in the uk for big buckets of cash, but i wish the bloody Aus governtment would pull its head out of its arse