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[UK] Riots in the UK London

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by robsalvv, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Just heard a radio report about the riots and the suggestion that what's fueling the riots was pent up frustration against prolonged heavy handed Policing in the poorer suburbs of the UK.

    It took one spark to ignite the kindling... this looks like it's going to simmer for a few more days yet.
  2. Seen scenes of it on telly, horrific shit!
  3. It’s happening worldwide country by country and it won’t be long before it happens here in Australia.

    Nigel Farage who was mentioned here on netrider said it all with the statement, “Bureaucracy vs Democracy”.
  4. I call BS Rob. The police in London have gone overboard trying to police gently. They are being criticised by many for being too hands off recently. They have the same PC mentality as we do here.

    The incident that caused this is the shooting death of a known drug dealer by a police officer. Police don't carry guns as a routine, so we're not talking about a GD copper getting over excited. We're talking a trained firearms officer who shoot people vary rarely. So the fact that he was shot and killed, whilst terribly sad for the family should not have caused such outrage.

    And how do kids, some as young as 10yo justify their actions? This is nothing more than mob mentality, driven by people with their own agenda's that probably have very little to do with the initial protest outside the police station. I've heard this is the fault of the government, the police, the social services, in fact everyone aside from themselves.

    The UK is a mess. There's a good reason why I don't live there.

    Back in the early 80's there was real, justifiable anger. We had 4m unemployed. That was the official figure. The real number was higher still. The police were at least partially racist and the level of despair and hopelessness in some parts of the UK was terrible. The kids in this riot have no idea.
  5. Hey CJ, I'm just reporting what was on the radio... but I'm only listening out with one ear while working late. An extended discussion just finished just now and the resentment against the police was one of the themes in the discussion.

    Whatever the causes, it sounds like mayhem over there and some good people are getting hurt by marauders.

    http://www.theage.com.au/world/london-riots-spread-as-police-lose-control-20110809-1ijmm.html#map is pointing out both sides - no justification on one side, and deep social unease on the other.
  6. A lot of what I have seen on the tellie has been asholes and little shits takeing advantage of the situation to take and do what ever they want. Will have no sympathy for that lot when the army turns up with rubber bullets and bean bag guns.

    The ones I feel sorry for are those caught up in the midle of things that had nothing to do with any of it.
  7. scumbags taking advantage of the situation. They know the police are overwhelmed so they are just nicking what they can while they can.
  8. this takes the cake for the sweeping statement of the month... there are many more differences between Australia and England than there are similarities, as Cejay has pointed out, and most of the other places of unrest are Moslem against Moslem

    And I guess it's pointless to say that nothing like this has ever happened in this country....
  9. Nigel Farage is a riot - love the way he sticks it to the EU big wigs in the EU parliament
  10. Bring back this guy....

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  11. I remember maybe 15 years ago the construction industry workers smashing in the locked doors of the Parliament house that the "fearless police " were hiding behind at the time when the construction workers were protesting something that at the moment escapes my memory

    Just thinking does the gubbament man wanna **** with the guys that really know how to trash a building/city and have the equipment to do it as well as skill and knowledge
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    +1, Nigel engages in quality intelligent debate of the likes we'll never see in this country.

    2gm9q8uabTs#t=125s[/media]]Nigel Farage to the Euro parliament last year lamenting how a common currency and common low interest rates have fuelled a false boom and bust in Ireland, and bankrolled frivolous government deficit spending in Greece etc:

    Hopefully not a sign of things to come.
  13. ...there is also good reason why I no longer reside in the UK.... and it's not police brutality!!

    Riots happened when I still lived there.. admittedly not as apparently large as these. The English thug has morphed into a mindless rebel without a cause... violence for violence sake....young assholes acting like ****ing morons with no dignity....

    I was amazed to see suburbs such as Ealing and Croydon involved. I used to reside in SE London.

    Something has happened to the English... the place is a bloody mess....the common market was in my mind, the beginning of the end of the England where I was born.

    I was around for the "Buy British" campaigns... we were a proud nation.... then we were told to burn
    our ancient orchards... burn our self sufficiency... and import inferior goods from poorer countries...
    **** that!!

    Send in the troops I say.....**** the rioting assholes with no cause nor dignity right off... and make a start to make England proud again!!...

    ... did I mention conscription??.... no??..... well that too!!
  14. These idiots are misdirecting their anger over their social/economic position

    If they have a beef with "the man" in someway they should be burning down 10 downing street or the houses of parliament

    By attacking other everyday people via their homes/businesses and cars all they do is make these innocent others call out for greater control by "the man" in respect to surveillance, curfews , heavier handed policing etc - which will then just perpetuate this scenario in a never ending circle
  15. After living in Edinburgh for 9 months working in a sports bar; I'd say that sounds more like Scottish Football Supporters.

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd
  16. ..much the same I would say!!.... :-s

    ....Interesting that a "friendly" football match between England & Holland was cancelled yesterday!!... Pffft!!... there would have been even more violence at that!!... 8-[ .. I mean, that's what "friendly" means eh??.... a friendly smack in the gob!!..... lol
  17. Ever been in edinburgh when Hearts and Hibs play? Or Celtic and Rangers? Smack in the gob would be welcomed, getting stabbed for having the wrong colour shoe laces not so welcomed...

    -posting on phone; spelling likely fukd