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[UK] New bill could destroy parliament

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dan, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Obviously this only affects UK residents, but it's a disturbing trend towards curbing democracy in many free western countries.

  2. My gut reaction was to suspect a conspiracy theorist at work.

    But here's an opinion piece published in The Times:


    Very alarming indeed.
  3. You must have something to be able to curb it. Being asked to choose between two trained monkeys every few years is a poor excuse for democracy.

  4. The level of democracy we enjoy is a separate argument, though.

    This legislation effectively takes a chainsaw to the whole notion of parliamentary democracy as it's been understood to date.
  5. Agreed, we'll get plenty of moderate voices in this thread though so I thought I'd kick things off from the left with a bang :)

    Agreed, it's a complete joke and if it's allowed to pass it will highlight what a sorry state of affairs the political world is in.

  6. Don't know what you're all worried about. That whole WW2 thing worked itself out eventually...

    Heil Bush!!! Heil Blair!!! Heil Howard!!!

    All empires collapse eventually, just try not to be at the bottom when it happens.

    Go for a ride instead...

    (I hope ASIO aren't reading this...sedition laws be damned...where's my tinfoil...damn that's twice today...)

    **Shakes head, blinks twice and remembers what's going on... Sorry.**
  7. The US Patriot Act prety much did the same thing.
    The reality is the curent right wing governments are closing on the closest thing to fasism we have seen since WWII.

    Religios fundamentalism on one side of the argument, and Right wing fundamentalism on the other. The reality is that the whole world debate is currently run by fundamentalists of one sort or an other, and they simple have thear heads to far up there collective rectums to see that they are all going against the core ideals they profess to defend.

    George Shrub spends all his time taking democracy and freedom, when he has destroyed most of the key tenements of freedom within the US.

    The Fundamentalist Muslim clerics who are preaching violence are going aginst the origional teachings of Mahumid.

    And Little Johny Howard is just going along for the ride, because his head is to far up shrubs rectum to actually be able to see the world for himself
  8. So they can't create a new crime with a penalty greater than 2 years - but it seems they could create 50 new crimes each with a 1 year sentence :-k . If they're going to go ahead with it they may as well get rid of the rest of Parliment, I so hope Howard doesn't follow the UK media and get any ideas.
  9. Creating crimes with a 2 year sentence is one thing - a sentence implies a charge, a trial and a conviction - if they wanted too, they could make up a law that says you can be detained without charge indefinitely - just rot in jail for as long as the regime feels fit...

    All in the name of National Security - the time is quickly approaching where the biggest enemy to freedom are governments, not terrorists.
  10. Like Gauntanamo Bay you mean :LOL: :shock: . Actually the anti-terror laws introduced here already give some scary powers to act against any declared "illegal organisations" - often wondered what would happen if they decided to declare all opposition parties illegal (as has happened on other countries in the past).
  11. We have laws here that prevent you talking to anyone about charges laid against you by the government. The right to legal counsel is not exempted under the Act, so in theory, telling your lawyer about it can get you a mandatory sentence.

    If you don't like it and want to complain, remember this is Federal law, and any opposition could be interpreted as sedition.....

    (*reaches for copper and tinfoil hat - i think Faraday was onto something*)