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N/A | National [UK] Mini-motorbikes 'will be crushed'

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by pvda, Aug 2, 2006.

  1. from the BBC

    Mini-motorbikes 'will be crushed'

    A crackdown against mini-motorbike owners who cause a nuisance and drive dangerously is being promised by Home Secretary John Reid.
    The laws on the "mini-motos" are not being changed but the government has given £200,000 to enforce the rules in 28 areas of England and Wales.

    New guidance is being issued to make clear that people who misuse such vehicles can have their bikes crushed.

    Tories say they fear the plans may be headline grabbing.

    'It's torture'

    The Motor Cycle Industry Association estimates that sales of mini-moto-type vehicles have risen from 10,000 in 2002 to 100,000 last year.

    It is illegal to ride unregistered mini-motos on pavements, in parks and on public roads but there has been a flurry of complaints about the bikes in recent years.

    Northumbria received 3,000 complaints about off-road bikes last year.

    And Sheila Lomas, 49, from Cheadle, described how mini-moto riders raced across the park where her block of apartments is sited.

    "They are just so noisy and there is no let-up from it," she told BBC News. "When it's hot we cannot have the windows open because we cannot hear the television.

    "It's like a Chinese water torture day in, day out, seven days a week."


    Mrs Lomas said the bikes were dangerous to children playing in the park and it was only a matter of time before somebody was seriously injured or killed.

    Such complaints have prompted the promised new crackdown from the government.

    The Respect Task Force's guidance stresses that reckless moto drivers can receive penalty points on their licences - even if they have not got one.

    And they can be banned from driving, fined or have their motos confiscated and crushed.

    Advice on how to tackle people misusing the motos is being sent to all police forces and crime fighting partnerships.

    'Not toys'

    On a visit to Manchester on Wednesday, Mr Reid will highlight money given to help enforcement this summer.

    "Misuse of mini-motos is dangerous and is causing misery in too many of our local communities," said Mr Reid, who said the vehicles were not toys.

    Louise Casey, the government's Respect co-ordinator, said parents should know about the penalties their child could face and think twice before letting them having a mini-moto.

    Jim Battle, deputy leader of Manchester City Council, welcomed the government initiative, saying the issue topped people's list of concerns.

    "It's the sort of thing which just causes absolute nuisance to people. It's what appears to be the inability of the authorities - the police and others - to stop it," he said.

    "People are saying enough is enough."

    'Soon forgotten?'

    Councillor Battle said the motos were dangerous and urged ministers to change the law so the bikes have to be registered.

    Government officials say they have not ruled out changing the law but at the moment want to ensure existing rules are enforced.

    But shadow home secretary David Davis said: "The public demand effective and sustained action against anti-social behaviour, not a series of announcements fed out over the summer whose purpose is to simply grab headlines and then be forgotten about."

    The 28 areas receiving the £200,000 to tackle the problem are: Manchester, Mansfield, Liverpool, Sunderland, Birmingham, Harlow, Southend-on-Sea, Tendering, Reading, Gloucester, Derby, Coventry, Hodge Hill, Blackburn, Chester, Oldham, Salford, Gateshead, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, South Tyneside, Hull, Wakefield, York, Camden, Kent, Halton in Cheshire, West Cumbria, Newport.
  2. if i had one and i got caught - i would pick it up and run a mile - over a bridge or something so the cop car cant follow
  3. I have 6 of them things going up and down the road at all hours of the day!!

    I think they are great fun and belive the local goverments should encourage people of all ages to ride them.... Why?? coz it keeps them from driving CARS and doung burnouts up and down the road!!