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N/A | National [UK] MAG organising a large "Anti-bike legislation" demostration, 25/9/11

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. That's just the first wave of impositions. Technological rider assists controlling your throttle and other motorcycling aspects and other impositions are in the pipeline.

    This is not tinfoil hat stuff - it's real.

  2. ****ing ridiculous. Make no mistake: That level of bullshit being passed here would mean I leave the country and never return.
  3. I envisage an increase in yellow scotchbrite material or yellow leather into jackets
  4. Why does there never seem to be any industry support behind these things? Surely they can see that this has the potential to harm their business if successful?
  5. Wow, that's some serious overregulation right there. Scary stuff.
  6. Where would you go?
    Don't get me wrong, the same thought has crossed my mind. But this shit is almost everywhere now.

    theres an open market for you here!! shitty as it sounds you can capitalise!!
  8. Stateside. Still retarded, but in different (and less expensive) ways.
  9. Everyone calm down.
    You guys have very short memories:
    This is not some p!$$ poor Australian motorcycling community we're talking about here.

    Somehow, I don't think this bullsh!t will fly past (for example) the french guys.
    Lest we forget the last time (a couple of months ago) that they got 100,000 riders out and shut down Paris!:

    ...and I don't see the Ducatisti taking well to having freaking dayglo jackets rub against their shiny red machines.
  10. Oh, and if it does happen, here's what I'm getting (I have the normal version already).


    and one of these:

  11. I thought that German fascism had been beaten.
  12. Nah, it's seems to carry through in Australia at least... I thought we were on the side that won the war...?
  13. I've always thought if things here got that bad, I'd move to Europe. But they're getting this first? Why the hell are governments so obsessed on saving us from ourselves?
  14. Because to live without control requires that we tolerate anxiety, and people don't like that.

    Furthermore, it's a long term trend, a part of the rationalism, scientism and technological mindset that arose out of the western Enlightenment and has been with us ever since.

    Earlier on it had the form of unbridled faith in science. (To find an echo of such attitudes, just look at the really dumb atheist threads that regularly appear on NR. I say this not because I'm a theist - from an intelligent atheist perspective they're really dumb!) The belief was that we could solve all our problems through the application of empirical (what we usually call scientific) or rational technologies, and the through the development of further specific technologies (eg medicines, social services, sound logics, weather reports, atomic bombs) arising out of the information gained through those applications.

    Now, in a world 'seen through' and divested of meaning by such a culture, our only morality or religion is health and safety (and some sort of milky 'tolerance'), and so we apply the same faith in empiricism and rationalisation and subsequent technologies for control to the instantiation of this new morality. If it means you have to be regulated, well that's just an unfortunate side effect, a bit like forcing you to have your kids vaccinated. As long as you're healthy and safe, does it matter if you have to give up a few things, and accept a few things (like the loss of vital living?).

    The response to the earlier form of this stuff was existentialism: the assertion of bare life and experience (eg Camus, in the Summer in Algiers essays), and of the will, even the irrational will, over dead rationality (eg Dostoevsky's Underground Man).

    The response to the second movement is just developing. It's basically existential. Sometimes well and sometimes badly, Chef cries it from the roof tops on NR. See the Taiwanese movie trailer he just posted up. And see essays like this https://netrider.net.au/forums/showthread.php?t=122657
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  15. There has been another call like this one. It appears in the Herald Sun today.

    This time its the bicycle riders under assault. But, rest assured it will be us next.

    I posted a comment to them. Am waiting to see if it get published...

    This is one perfect example of where we should be getting together with bicycle riders and fighting off threats like this. We both belong to the Two Wheeled Vehicle demographic, als that separates us is an engine and a few extra kg. But basically we face the same problems out on the road as they do , ie the car drivers still don't see us.

  16. +1

    People need to look at you before they see a high vis vest.

    The most visible motorcycle in Australia

    Click here
  17. Because the cardigan wearing whingers like to complain to their representatives and they don't realize that some people are willing to accept some risk. They actually think that they are doing us a favor.
  18. mattb nailed it :nail:

    We haven't had a good war for a couple of generations so we're left with making up faux wars and waging them on ourselves. War on the roadtoll, war on obesity, war on drugs, war on carbon, war on terror.....when ironically it's actually our governments that are creating terror instead of removing it.

    We're living in a very safe country where we don't need to worry about basic survival issues yet the labour/green governments want us to drink our own urine. They are seriously pulling the piss.

    Our UK brethren are at the coal face and gearing up to begin their running battles. The over protective nanny governments of the EU are reaping what they've sown by declaring war on their population's lifestyles. I think these governments believe they can have a one sided war and declare themselves victorious just for being moralistic while they continue to corrupt their reason for existence in the first place.

    Reason and rationale have been their defenses, but passion and emotion are piercing their way to the heart of the matter. Utilitarianism is too dehumanising to be an effective ruling model. If you mess with the bull you get the horns, if you mess with the human you get the animal. Not even reason and rationale is a defense against that.

    I wish I could do it better justice Matt.