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[UK] Local council level enforceable hoon and confiscation laws??

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by robsalvv, Dec 7, 2010.

  1. http://www.times-series.co.uk/news/8722207.Campaign_launched_for_motorcycle_safety/

    What the?!? If you get caught once, you must be off the bike for 12months or else lose it forever??? And this is applied at the council level?? Wow. Harold Scruby must worship this holy ground of the beige cardi fellowship.

    What defines irresponsible?? Hell, the beige set consider bikes irresponsible full stop!

  2. Oh my god (or your god, I don't care which). Lets just hope our local pollies don't get wind of this.
  3. Reading between the lines, this is not about regular motorcyclists. It's about kids with unregistered Chinese toys making royal pains in the arse of themselves in parks and other public spaces.

    Personally, I think the council have gone soft. I'd be more inclined to deal with it using a cricket bat, or the sharp end of a billhook for repeat offenders.

    Nothing to see here folks, move along now.
  4. Wow, "if they are found again with the bike in the next year - their bike will be taken away." Not even if they are caught "riding irresponsibly" Thats farked.

    There are local councils in Australia that have their own enforcement and impound policies. Wasn't Frankston? crushing bikes even when the state govt doesn't?
  5. Yep this is mainly for real pains with unregistered bikes... If you're not going to be using your bike on the the road you need to register it at the DVLA as such...

    If you don't then you'll liable to fines, and if they catch that vehicle on the road then they can confiscate it...

    It's shitty law but it's been about for a while, the article is just about a new push they're haveing...
  6. That applies to unregistered bikes, ridden on council land or roads. They will not give it back for 6 months and chanrge a $500 storage fee (plus $200 fine). If no paid, bike is crushed.
    It is intended for kids on pocket bikes, but not necessarily limited to them.
  7. I have the following nice things to say about the UK:
  8. Where's the inference that it's for unregistered bikes guys?
  9. Then **** off...

  10. There isn't but that's the laws there are using, it's a combination of SORN (Statutory Off Road Notification) which is used throughout Europe. and Section 59 Which is a real shitter...

    And the Article from the local paper gives some more info

  11. You seem to forget that they allow (in fact encourage) filtering, some of the nicest and best bikes every built came from the UK, along with some of the best riders to ever take to a race track....
  12. I'll grant you those. I spoke too soon :angel:

    Crumpets are also nice.
  13. "With Christmas coming up it is important to remind anyone even considering buying a motorbike, scooter, mini-moto or go-ped that driving it in an anti-social manner and causing a danger to other people is against the law. "

    To me this just screams Chinese junk Christmas presents and PeeWees. It was bad enough in places here, where there's plenty of space away from people if you really look for it, when the market was flooded with this shite ~5yrs ago. What must it be like in the crowded UK in the couple of months after Chrimbo, until the cheese-metal engines combine with pot-plant IQs to solve the problem by natural wasteage, I shudder to think.
  14. Go Ped hoon getting a toe down in a controlled environment

  15. It's slightly less amusing when it's your 80 year old granny who gets a broken hip when little Johnny F'wit upskittles her in the park.
  16. cyclist did that to my mother on a footpath
  17. I was referring to 665's ref to the Frankston law, not the UK article. Sorry for any confusion.

    (I know from personal experience that some local councils can seize unregistered vehicles on their land.)
  18. Thanks Titus for adding the extra info re Frankston. Though it is similar to the UK laws as it is the thin edge of the wedge where local councils override state rules. ie for example the Police can't impound an unregistered bike being ridden on the roads against the RR but the council can.

    Yeap on their land or state land, the council are supposed to put a sticker on an unregistered car giving the owner so many days to move it to private property or get it registered. They can tow it straight away if it is obstructing traffic.

    But were getting off topic now.
  19. My sympathies. I was going to address the "cyclists could do it too" point but couldn't be arsed to formulate a rational argument. I'm still not sure if I can, but if I did, it would probably revolve around the basis that cyclists being dicks does not excuse dickness in other groups. It might also revolve around the fact that we've got a number of minibike mounted prats round where I live and their general behaviour poses a significantly higher risk to pedestrians than any of our local treadly riders. I see no reason to suppose that the current generation of Pommie f'wit is likely to be any different.
  20. As there seems to be an issue regarding the use of "found again with the bike" I'd suggest that it is the context of being caught doing the wrong thing as in "conviction was found", hence my belief that possession of the 'offending vehicle' alone isn't the offense.
    Another thing to remember about the application of this by-law is the different legal structures present and how the Australian model differs to the British one, local councils do indeed possess a greater level of authority in the UK than they do here so this example would be more akin to a state law.
    My thoughts; definitely a step further towards the beige side.