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UK/Isle of Man Upcoming Trip

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by carri27, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. Well, i was feeling flat last week when i booked in my flights to the UK. it's fundamentally a family trip to catch up with Mum's side of the fam and celebrate (ahem) a major birthday of mine, and also my London cousin's b'day whose 50th is 4 days after mine. Nice folk, but not how i want to spend my holidays.

    THEN suddenly (I'm now in Harry Potter writing mode), two things happened.

    1. Fellow Netrider Movin got in contact with a mate of his in the UK and came back with this reply for me:

    "Was txt,n my mate in UK last night and he emailed me and said May is his absolute favourite time of year for riding and he would be more than happy to take you riding or if you're up to it,and if he still has 2 bikes then,you get the first choice of the Africa twin,or the DR BIG

    DR BIG

    Africa Twin"

    :wink: :grin: i'm turning into a happier girl already.

    2. Watching the Hairy Bikers on Friday night and they're at the Isle of Man TT and they say it's on every year in June. I walk tentatively over to the computer to google. surely my luck couldn't be that good. I check the dates. PERFECT - i must've wracked up some good karma somewhere along the line recently. I can be there for the racing 6-10th June, come back to the UK for the Silverstone F1 on the 11th and fly out on the 13th.

    Weehee. What i thought was gonna be a boring, stressful family trip is starting to look like an adventure.

    Soooooo .... here's an offer and a question for you.

    OFFER - i've heard, though could easily be wrong, that there's some cheapish bike gear in the UK. difficult to believe 'cos nothing in the UK is cheap.... but so the rumour goes. if so, i'm happy to buy and ship some stuff over for anyone so inclined.

    QUESTION - does anyone know anyone who knows anyone who might be going to the IofM TT. i'm happy to just get accommodation via the official website and meet people there, but always fun to go in a group or link up with someone who might offer a warmer welcome.

    thanks in advance and finally looking forward to the trip, cheers, c x
  2. Well colour me jealeous!!

    The IoM is something I would love to get the chance to see. I am over in London in May as well, but I don't think I would be too popular leaving my GF for a week and a bit to down warm pints and watch madmen blast around the TT track.

    Good luck getting over there Carri as it would be a sight work seeing.

    I will want a detailed race report. :grin:
  3. Sounds like the trip of a lifetime, Carri. Woo-hoo! :grin:
  4. PM John Daley. He's a cobber of mine. He's going with Dave Milligan and GetRouted.
  5. Apparently not as busy this year as next (100th anniverasry read booked out and v. crowded).
  6. SO
  7. fantastic. thanks G. do you know his Netrider name - otherwise not sure how to PM him.

    PS how was the Ducati rally? have you posted a report? my secret sources tell me you were up to no good :LOL: :LOL:
  8. I hope that information helped.
    The National Ducati Rally was great. It was very well organised if I do say myself. There were Ducati test rides on the Friday afternoon and Saturday, but I was either helping the committee or some such. It would have been interesting to try a new Sport 1000. May be next time.
    I went on a Rutherglen Winery and foody bus tour on the Saturday.
    It was a good sign that the dance floor was packed and jumping on the Saturday night. There was a great energy there.
    Then a relaxed ride home with Junior and Teddee, via Whitfield and Mansfield, where I greeted Scumbag and the crew on the Sunday. :cool:
  9. Yep and my accomodation and ferry trip is all sorted thanks to relo's in the uk that attend every year cmon 2007 :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. UK trip/Isle of Man TT

    2007 is the 100 year anniversary for the TT and accommodation is all booked out unless you're taking a tent.

    I still have some accommodation availability. 3 years ago I booked hotel rooms and leased houses on the IoM for the 2007 event.

    Will be shipping Aussie & Kiwi owners bikes (ex Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Auckland & Christchurch) to the UK (and back) and providing ferry tickets to the IoM from England and N. Ireland plus the accommodation, which is an optional extra.

    Basic package involves the return bike shipping, return airfares, 2 way ferry tickets, transfer from airport to bike unloading depot and a nights accommodation when you arrive - I don't want people on their bikes until they've had a nights sleep after a 23hr overnight flight from Aust to the UK.

    Anyone interested call me on 03 9331 0947

    6-10th inc at the IOM and a few fellow Netriders to catch up with over there - bloody outstanding.

    thanks everyone. i'm so excited :beer: :dance: :bannanabutt:
  12. Excellent.