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UK Helmet in Oz

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Wigan Warrior, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I know my helmet in Oz has to have the safety certification sticker on it, but could I use an helmet from the UK here that has british kitemark safety sticker?

  2. yes you can use it.
    no you can't legally.
  3. you need a new sticker
  4. if you want I'll sell you the sticker off my helmet for 50 bucks
    it's one of those stickers that doesn't have big "VOID" letters when removed
  5. No, aus sticker...otherwise illegal...a $50 sticker sounds your best bet =D
  6. best thing is my helmet will still be legal without my sticker because I have the same standards thing sown into the helmet on the inside
  7. My "sunny day" helmet is a Premier brand bone dome, ya typical cruiser style open faced helmet, but in carbon with a hidden pull down tinted visor.. it's an American helmet now made in Italy, and came with no Aus approval stickers.

    If I get pulled over, and If plod knows what he's looking for, and If he even notices, I may cop a fine .. as far as I'm concerned it's worth it, it's a bloody comfortable lid.
  8. Id be more worried about insurances
  9. I second this
  10. I'd be more worried about having to walk home. They sometimes won't let you back on the bike if they want to be bastards (and they do notice if you don't have the sticker)
  11. I guess it's one of those things, we ride with a lot of stuff that is either not legal or not approved, everything from exhaust and fender elimators to helmets and bodgie safety gear..

    It's getting a lot bloody harder to obey all the rules.
  12. I am waiting for this to happen to me.

    I dont put a sticker on my own helmets just the internal lining label as required by the standard in section 8 of AS1698.

    Should I get a ticket I will contest it, should they try to make me walk I will ride away, should they arrest me etc I will fight them in court.

    Rational for this - I am deemed by federal law to be the manufacturer even if I am only the importer - hence if the law see's me as the manufacturer then they must acknowledge me as an expert ( I am more an expert than any law enforcement and prosecutor at least )

    My reasons for this - if a law enforcement officer is unaware of the laws - I will not rebuke with them beside the road but rather in the appropriate place being a courtroom.

    Armed with my certification and a copy of the standard - they will stand absolutely zero chance of upholding and fine etc.

    This of course will cost the police force/courts a lot of money as my time as a consultative expert is rather $$$ plus to have to go to court will take me away from my business and as such loss of earnings etc.

    This is based only if I am allowed to get my expenses ( not 100% sure of the regulations) etc in a matter like this.
  13. Do it mate, then they will hopefully pass through a ruling that all road cops are educated on this section of AS1698, then I won't have to worry about being hassled for not having a sticker :)
    I mean I do have a sticker, but I won't if I sell it to this guy :)
  14. The external sticker is a marketing ploy that was done by SAI global when they were the only certifying body.

    The 5 ticks campaign was an effort to make people think that the item carrying this SAI global mark ( 5 ticks ) was some how endorsed by the Government.

    This was done because Australian Standards were once done by the government but that commercial arm of it was sold off to the private company SAI global in either late 70's or early 80's.

    SAI was the only certifying body in Australia for just about all products up untill 18 months ago - this is why they had criminal costs/prices/practices as they had a monopoly

    Had I been forced to use them for certification i could not have started my business as their costs were approximately 400% more than TUV Rheinland.

    However SAI have dropped their prices/costs etc to compete with the other certifying bodies now that it has been deregulated.

    Therefore competition is a good thing ( think the Telstra monopoly before )
  15. Internal label is fine - if they can't see the sticker they will ask to examine it. A guy I worked with got done for this back in 2005 and took it to court. The cop got a right going over as a result...

    (Vic Roads comments)

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  16. Pwned.
    If I had the cash I'd keep on saying "your ruling is not satisfactory to me, I wish to escalate my case to the next highest court." until I got to the High Court. just so I have a good chance of a ruling being passed through parliament that traffic cops need to be educated about this.
  17. You mean educated full stop :)
  18. lol yeah.
  19. I ride with a UK version arai IOM TT never had it checked etc maybe because it cairns I dont know.
  20. Para, I've lived in Cairns, a helmet is the only bit of safety kit most of you blokes wear, not that I blame you .. it's gets bloody hot and humid up in FNQ.