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[UK & EU] More f'ing stupid idiots

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by pro-pilot, Mar 6, 2008.

  1. MOD:
    ffs will u lot snurl or tinyurl those long links!

    No, someone seriously needs to take these bananna's out!

    Zero road deaths :shock: , what a pack of pinheads.

    These guys would have you hold up cut out face plates to hide your kids identity in a class photo. Oh!

    MPs to consider anti-motorcycle road safety policy


  2. i know, maybe if i impliment a new policy I can create world peace too.

  3. fastkid orready said it....

  4. Awww, but c'mon.

    *I* have a vision of a world where people are wrapped in cotton wool, and you *MUST* abide by my vision, damn you! It's for you own good, and anyone who thinks otherwise in that they'd willingly place themselves at risk is obviously too insane to think logically for themselves, so let us do the thinking for you!

    Once we've gotten rid of motorbikes, we'll start on down-hill ski-ing, parachuting, hang-gliding as well.

    Oh crap - but all those big trucks that share the roads with cars an easily crush and kill car occupants, even when travelling at low speeds. Better get rid of trucks. What's that? Everything will cost 3x of much due to the increased logistal overheads? Hey - it's for your own good, and you're crazy if you think otherwise!

    Then we'll ban all swimming pools. Put fences around all rivers. Ban all alcohol and cigarettes.

    All houses should be re-wired for 12VDC as well.

    Oh, dogs can kill people too. We'll ban all dogs.

    Seems that there's a rush of peanut allergies in the population, so they need to be banned as well. Eggs fall into the dangerous basket too. They're out!

    Come to think of it, my grandmother had a caffeine allergy that she died of, better ban all coffee too.
  5. I don't know about you guys, but I don't need bureaucrats to take care of me, I'm quite happy being a self-determining individual.
  6. And flux, you forgot to say that anyone not with you is a broadly defined "Terrorist".

    What is it with the f8cking uk nanny state?
  7. This is being seriously pushed in Australia too, by various road safety associations. (In particular, WA is leading the charge! :evil: A 12-year-plan, based on these principles, is to be submitted to the government mid-year.)

    Vision Zero is strongly supported by the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC). Go here: MUARC.

    The following is taken from a post I made on another forum on this topic.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist -- far from it -- but I strongly suspect this is going to be like front plates for motorcycles. When we are "told by our betters about it", it will be a fait accomplit. I seriously think this could alter the face of driving and riding totally from what we now know.
  8. If there's no room for motorbikes, then logically, since bicycles also share the public road, then there's no room for cyclists either.

    I mean, even if everything was linked by cycling paths (yeah - right) people still have to ride from their front of their house to the nearest cycling path.

    So, if we ban motorcycles, are we also going to ban bicycles. Remember the Melbourne Hell Ride (cyclists) who ran down and killed that older guy?

    Logically, cyclists need to be separate from traffic AND pedestrians, if Vision Zero is to proceed.

    Reckon that they'll still get this one past the Cycling lobbies once they're targetted next (and they will be).
  9. When will legislators realise that life isn't safe. We seem to forget that, now that we live in cotton wool in suburbs, without any predators to have a go at us.

    Life never was safe, never will be, and yes, you are going to die.

    Why is riding a motorbike on the road an unacceptable risk, when so many other activities including risk are ok?

    And why does the government feel it has to save us from possibly dying before 90?

    It doesn't make sense.
  10. the longer you live, the greater contribution you make to their goldmine in tax, and other kinds of revenue. what good are you to their financial situation if you are dead?
  11. Makes sense.

    Well cycling adds an average 5 years of life and 15 years of mobile life to cyclists acording to a well regarde british study. Thats an average so if you aint one of the killed then you get a bit over 5 extra years. Soooooooo vision zero aint going to work as a net life improver.

    Unless of course they take up another sport that keeps em active yet safe Hmmmm my other sports are motorcycling, sailing and rock climbing. How is that going to go do you think?
  12. Vision zero, and its other incarnate pieces of sh*t are nothing more than the lame brainchildren of these dead head morons with massive investments in public transport infrastructure systems!

    The more they can peddle the need to remove individuals off the roads and rely on over-priced and highly complex urban transport systems the better for their patents and share prices.
  13. If anything, put cigarette label style stickers on bikes.

    RINDING MAY CAUSE INCONTINENCE (After you're a quadraplegic, or if you ride a big single)

    I think that's fair. Cigarettes kill people, but you wouldn't begrudge someone the right to potentially kill themselves.
  14. +1, agree with you there, pro-pilot.

    Who's up for a violent takeover of vicroads?
  15. i will bring the guns and ammo :cool:
  16. You're forgetting horse riding as well - it's demonstrably more dangerous than motorcycling.
  17. It'll never happen.
  18. Soon you'll have to have a guy walk in front of you waving a red flag while you drive/ ride so as to warn everyone that deadly machine commeth.
  19. That's known as the Harold Scruby approach to motoring... :roll:
  20. :LOL:

    I need that on my next bike; last Saturday I was visiting the family and my father barged in on a discussion between my sister and I about what she would have to do to get into motorcycling.

    "You are NOT getting a motorcycle", my father said to my sister, "They are dangerous, unstable and make you invisible!"