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UK Court overturns rider's crash compensation

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by KANGA, May 15, 2012.

  1. http://www.visordown.com/motorcycle...verturns-riders-crash-compensation/20647.html

    "A finding of negligence in this case would, to my mind, be to impose an unacceptably high standard on the driver"
    f*cking speechless

  2. That is a sad decision, and the comment from the trucking company lawyers "in the circumstances he should have been riding in the middle of his lane instead of near the white line" shows no understanding of wheel tracks and the the necessities of riding a bike. :(
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  3. burn down his house

    On 12 May 2009, The Daily Telegraph reported that Clarke had "flipped" his council tax. He had told the Parliamentary authorities that his main home was in his Rushcliffe constituency, enabling him to claim a second homes allowance on his London home and leaving the taxpayer to foot the bill for the council tax due on that property. However, he told Rushcliffe Borough Council in Nottinghamshire that he spent so little time at his constituency address that his wife Gillian should qualify for a 25% council-tax (single person's) discount, saving the former chancellor around £650 per year. Land registry records showed that Clarke did not have a mortgage on his home in Nottinghamshire, where he has lived since 1987. He instead held a mortgage on his London house, which he had most recently charged to the taxpayer at £480 per month.

    ...might send a signal about what sort of result would be acceptable.
  4. That's fuсking disgusting. What a joke of a "justice" system.

    Between this and their system charging a riding group leader with the speeds of riders behind him and it holding up in court, I will never set foot in that hellhole as long as I live. Victoria's coming up on being just as bad, too.
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  5. Also I hope the judge ("lord" my ass. He's no better than the shit I flushed a few hours ago) involved is in a horrible accident that leaves him crippled and in pain for the rest of his life. I'll laugh and won't feel the least bit bad about it.
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  6. #6 smileedude, May 15, 2012
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    Coming to a courthouse near you.

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  7. I dunno when you look into it the Truck was forced over the white line I cannot find out why at the moment and the motorcyclist admitted to being too wide in the corner (Probably the thing that sunk it). So it then ceases to be negligence and no money...

    As far as the group ride thing I can't find any evidence that anyones been successfully prosecuted for that, no matter how much the CPS likes charging people for it...
  8. Wow! Just wow!
  9. i fact they should just execute the rider, after they charge him for his own burial
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  10. Sauce?
  11. F@cking twilight zone.
  12. been knocking round for a while, was a big thing on visordown. I'll have a dig and see what comes up.

  13. So if the truck had have clipped a car (which would have been using that same space on the road) it would have been the truck drivers fault? But when the bike uses that same space it's the bikes fault?

    Yep, makes sense that idiots like that hold positions of power.
  14. Holy shit!!!!!
  15. Nope that's not what was said...
  16. and if I were ever charged for that I'd sell my stuff, book a one way flight out of the country, and take a shit on a cop car moments before heading for the airport.
  17. Bye Bye then.
  18. Do you think that it is just that a person can be charged with an offense when there is no evidence that they committed said offense? When the prosecution ACKNOWLEDGES they might not have even done the thing?

    In a just world, anyone involved with that prosecution would be torn asunder by the people. Mostly figuratively, but I would shed no tears if it were literal.

    Fascism isn't dead, it just flies a different flag.
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  19. They can charge you with what ever they want, whether they get a conviction is the important thing.