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UK and Wales Speed Camera Ban?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Ride Alot, Jul 25, 2010.

  1. Not sure if I heard right but I could have sworn Chanel 9 news reported all speed cameras in the UK and Wales were to be scrapped. I've googled it but was only able to get one story for one county.


  2. doubtful. But I'm sure it's all under review. I believe at least one county council (Wiltshire?) has pulled out of the camera partneship but this doesn't mean that cameras are being banned. What it should mean is that revenue from speed cameras is no longer being channeled back into council funds and hence the emphasis on camera placement shoud return to safety, rather than revenue.

    there's a lot of chest beating on the Safe Speed web site, but they've probably got the information

    I'll be over there in a couple of weeks so I'll see what i can find out.
  3. If the revenue from the cameras was going back to the councils, you can bet that the cameras would be staying. The reason they are being removed is that they are expensive to maintain - nothing to do with safety!! The councils are now looking more at safety only because they do not want to maintain the cameras.

    That said, the bikesafe program in the UK. Is a good example of councils (councils are responsible for the own police) taking motorbike safety seriously.
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  5. Wow if this can happen in the UK, then cancer should be cured within the week.
  6. Fellow Netriders are we going to flex our muscles and make this a hot state and federal election issue? After all Gillard is a disciple of Brumby and they both belong to the ALP Nanny Party.

    Just think of all the innocent families that have suffered from this fiasco.

    Ole ole ole
    It’s time the cameras went away.
  7. Here's how you do it:
    "We are all affected by the latest TAC 'Speed Kills' ad campaign which shows friends and relatives of the victims of road trauma. It's time to admit that remote revenue collection has not worked. Maybe if VicPol had concentrated on showing a presence on the roads and actually stopping high speed vehicles, these people may not have died."

    Fight fire with fire.
  8. im highly doubtful such blasphemous thing will ever cross the minds of such self righteous people as ken lay and those responsible for road safety.....
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  10. Read this bbc article.

    It isn't a ban, it's all about the money.

    The way the finance works (short version) is that local authorities get funding from the national government to maintain the cameras as part of a road safety budget but all the money collected from the fines goes back to the national government.

    The budget is being cut, so it is anticipated that many local authorities will get rid of their cameras as they need to cut costs and there is no financial incentive to maintain them. And several authorities are concluding that their cameras don't do anything for road safety, so they want to spend what's left of their road safety budget somewhere else.

    It would be like if in Australia all money collected from fines went to the federal government and not the state government, so then the state government wouldn't have any financial incentive relating to the cameras.
  11. Which is what should have been happening right from the beginning, to avoid an obvious conflict of interest.
  12. yep completely agree, this money should not be assessable to the states in fact it should maybe just be given away to research (divy up between a few each year and rotate through the lot of them) or burn it, i would rather see 100 mill go up in flames before it is given back to the states
  13. I've always said if the gumberment wants to keep speed camera's, all the revenue should be published and given to a charity.

    Imagine what Ronald McDonald house could do with that money. Pink Ribbon, etc etc etc...
  14. I agree completely.

    (I was quite impressed with NSW about a decade or so ago when they stood up to mounting "greed, cash-interested not safety-interested" cries from the public regarding police hiding in bushes and the placement of speed cameras by - along with changing the operating rules for police speed traps and rationalising the placement of cameras - slashed the fines by massive amounts in exchange for raising the demerit points for each speeding offense)
  15. Today Tonight are running a story on it now
  16. [UK] Government turns off speed cameras


    This hasn't seemed to hit the online newspapers yet, but the the UK goverment is cutting funding to councils for speed cams. They haven't cut funding because of having come to their senses, but to reign in their spending. (Meanwhile Brumby budgetted a 10% increase in fines to $0.5b this financial year OK'ing more and more mobile camera time - revenue raising or what!!)


    Predictably the local top cop predicts fatality increases.

    The UK version of roadwatch is called safespeed or some such and shows how cameras haven't cut fatalities at all... which I think is pretty much the case here.

    Anyway, here's the article: