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(UK) An interesting approach to defending a speeding ticket.

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by incitatus, Jul 5, 2006.

  1. BRITISH motorist John Hopwood concocted a novel scheme to avoid payment when he was given a speeding fine - simply switch the road signs.
    Mr Hopwood, 44, had been snapped by a speed camera breaking the 30 miles per hour (50 km per hour) limit.

    So he went to a 40 mph (65 kph) area, removed a red "40" warning sign, drove back to the 30 mph area, attached it to a lamp post and took a photo as "proof" that his offence of driving at 48 mph (77 kph) had not been so bad.

    However, suspicion soon arose when other drivers started querying the sign.

    "This was a stupid act, bound to fail," Judge Anthony Ensor at Manchester Crown Court was quoted by media as telling Hopwood, who admitted trying to pervert justice.

    He was ordered today to serve an intermittent custodial sentence of 28 weeks which requires him to spend his weekends behind bars and told to pay 2,763 pounds ($6,880) in legal costs.
  2. the best defense is a good offense :D
  3. I disagree. Surely the best defense would be to not commit the offense in the first place? :?
  4. Yes Inci it would, however that would deprive us of the fun of watching desperate, stupid people do stupid things.
  5. Good point, free entertainment for the masses must not be compromised.. :grin:
  6. Nah it is only wrong if they can prove it was him that did it!!! Although I'm thinking he has possibly motive....pmsl
  7. ... but did anyone else get done at 40mph in the 30 zone after he put the sign up?
  8. :idea: :LOL: just goes to show that there are still some people out there that think stupidioty is as good a defence as any and even now there are still some good reasons why the poms stoped deporting the convicts this guy is the best one of late
  9. How did he get caught? if he acted dumb and they had no proof he put it there then how could they get him for that?