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Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bluey, Jul 31, 2005.

  1. Well, as you can all probably guess I'm new here. Hope to make my stay a pleasent one, and before anyone asks:
    I have dropped my bike, twice on wet clay in the rain, in front of my parents. Once on the road, 'bout a 40Km/h drop in a left turn (no chicken strips for me), hit a patch of oil and over I went.
    I'm off my restrictions, but still havn't got a real bike yet. I'm looking for a KLR 650 I can afford, might be a while. In the mean time I'm stuck on a GPX250, which is a wee bit uncomfortable.
    Apart from that, I can't think of anything people would ask.

  2. Is the name because you are a Lucky Grills look-alike?
  3. woo-hoo another "I ride every day .... I'm a postie!!
    Welcome, oh deliverer of bills and stuff.

    actually, nil, that reminds me of the joke about Bluey Mitchell, from just outside Parramatta, New South Wales, but that's a bit OT!
  4. Welcome, bluey, and don't worry about the "drops". Most of us have had more than we'd want to own up to and a lot of them have been our faults too!

    Hope you enjoy and profit from being part of Netrider.
  5. G'Day and welcome!!
  6. Welcome mate

    Cheers 8)
  7. Hi and welcome Bluey
  8. Welcome bluey :D :D
  9. Hello Bluey :D nice to meet you!
  10. Welcome.. not that i'm here much myself, but welcome anyway! Interesting that you don't consider a GPX250 a real bike. As a very close relative to my ZZR, i'd say it's almost a real bike!(Closer than a CB250 at any rate... lol... Hi Bond Girl, how's things??) And even with that said, isn't it great that there's enough variety out there for all of us. :D
  11. welcome and enjoy the laughs.. :D :D
  12. Welcome to the forums bluey :)
  13. Looks up to see where Bond girl is :?
  14. Hi ya Bluey, welcome to the forums! :)
  15. Don't worry R1, she'll be here!
  16. Welcome bluey..have fun!
  17. well, it's not that it's not a real bike, it's more that it doesn't bloody well fit me. I'm way too tall for it, and that makes it feel like a toy.

    Oh yeah, to whoever thought I was a postie, sorry, I'm not a postie. I could pretend if you like, but I really use it to get around as a security guard locking up buildings, and trying to get myself splattered over the road in carlton. :)

    EDIT: And bluey is cos of my reddish hair, it used to be very much the flaming red, but alas it's got a bit darker now.
  18. welcome, glad you made it ;)
    lets go for a ride together again sometime?
  19. aha, "quote Postie bike (at work)"
    sorry about that!
  20. Never mind, postie bikes ROCK, we all know that.
    Secretly all of us would love to have a postie bike.

    (well, I know I would)