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UHF Radios for Autocom systems

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Hyssy, Jan 18, 2009.

  1. I'm getting an Autocom Active-Plus intercom kit for my viffer, ready for a trip to Phillip Island for the superbikes. I'll be doing the trip with my dad, who already has the Pro kit, but we both need a set of UHF radios. Does anyone have any experience with particular brands? I only want a basic one but my dad is after a radio with longish range/decent quality as he rides with the IAM back in the UK as one of the 'minders' and needs to chat with people at the front/back of the group.

    *Deep breath*

    Any advice?

  2. Obviously not in hot demand :p

    For those that might be after some, I have just ordered a pair of Uniden UH065SX radios with the interface cable for an Autocom Active-Plus kit. The blurb reckons 10k range on the radios, which I expect is a tad optimistic but as there is some doubt on there being a variation in frequencies in the UK, decided not to splash on anything too expensive.

    It will be general close riding, so these should do the job. The pair came in a kit with cradles and NiMH rechargeable batteries that cost $239.95.

    The interface cables were $55 each.

    There, that was exciting, wasn't it?
  3. Depends on terrain and obsticles getting in the way, if you stood on the top of a mountain and spoke (via the radio) to someone on the next mountain top 10km away it would work.

    The frequency question is an interesting one. Australia has a unique UHF (476-477MHz) Public Citizens Band as well as a 2nd band around 430MHz. As best I know no other country uses the same Freq set unlike the old 27Mhz band from the late 70's which was legalised in Australia after the Government gave up trying to stop it due to the number of radios being imported from the USA and the level of civil disobedience :wink:

    Be aware that UHF CB's can cost as little as $50 so you get all sort of idiots popping up on air, especially in metro areas, Channel 40 is the road channel (trucks) and should be used for short sharp messages. If you are only going to chat among yourselves I suggest picking another channel (don't use Ch1-8 or 31-38 which are repeater channels) and set up a sub audible tone (also called CTCSS) so that only radios which transmit that tone will be heard by the radios set up with the correct tone (remember others can hear you but you cant hear them).