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Uh oh, now I've gone and done it.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by grue, Nov 13, 2009.

  1. I seem to have made arrangements to buy a bike :-s

    Only under the condition that the owner ride it out to tarmac though, because the semi-loose road with hills he lived on scared me :nopity:

    After two and a half years, I'll finally be on the site with good reason :D


    more info.. and :worthlesspics:

  3. '01 CBR600F4i, in red so that it totally doesn't match my gear :-s

    Here's the pic from the ad, I'll get some freshies when I pick it up Monday arvo:


  4. Welcome (back) to the addiction :D
  5. Very very nice mate.
  6. Not the most comfortable bike out on the highway, but a "keeper" on the basis of reliability for sure. Nice pick-up.
  7. I thought the F4 versions had a more comfortable riding position? But yer, not as comfy as a tourer.
  8. I've only ridden one and I'm no judge, I guess, but I rode one from Queanbeyan to Wollongong a few years ago and I was pretty glad to get off it. I always thought that the F4 had a MORE sporting riding position than the standard CBR. Shows you how much I know...
  9. The F4i have the best riding position as it is a combination between a cruiser and sports (the riding position that is). Great bike with decent grunt and it lokks a treat. congrats on your ride.

  10. Thanks!

    Yeah, I'm sitting here at work waiting for 2 to roll around so I can go get her… the day can't go fast enough!
  11. Tres exciting :) Congrats, enjoy, keep the rubber side down and we'll see you out there!!

  12. Made it home without crashing, step one!

  13. Step Two: Rolling burnouts.

  14. That was step 0.5!
  15. Beautiful bike mate! Good onya for getting back on two wheels! Cheers.
  16. A GREAT bike mate!
    Was my 2nd choice. Congrats and Enjoy