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Uh oh... maduncle has a new project

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by maduncle, Jul 29, 2013.

  1. It's not a Honda.

    In fact, it's not Japanese.

    It was built before the war.

    It is incomplete and in pieces.

    It won't be road registered.

    But it will race.

    (more to come soon - with pictures).
  2. Is this a "Can you guess what it is yet?" thread Unc??

    Okay, i'll go first...............

    Is it a 1939 triumph 5S ??

  3. Oh yeah - the aim is to play "can you guess" until I get a stock photo or drawing from the internet up in the thread tonight (can't do it from work).

    And you are close - right country and right decade.
  4. I'll play. How about a Norton? ES2? A nice racing thumper...
  5. Does it have a JAP engine?
  6. It can't be a Beesa, tell me it's not a Beesa (I've had an old BSA sitting in the shed in the UK for 30 years and it's gone up 3/5th's of fcuk all in that time!)

    Agreed, that Norton would be pure class.
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    It's not a Norton.

    It does not have a JAP engine.

    (I do not like green eggs and ham).

    What size engine has your Beeza got Lionz?...
  8. It's an old Bantam, 250 (??) i think with drain pipe leg fairings and leather (knackered) around the cockpit fairing. My Dad picked it up years ago before he passed away, so its an heirloom now! My brother's pondered a resto for the last 15/20 years - he probably just needs time to think it through.
  9. Well - we are close now, I can confirm it is a 1930's BSA.
  10. Sloper ?
  11. Wish!

    I have been reading my 'British motorcycles of the 1930's' book and trying to nail the model down, the frame is a hard tail, front end is girder fork and according to my mate Terry (the seller) it is a 1937 frame for a B20.

    The engine is a 250cc from the late 20's and will fit the frame.

    I plan to restore the engine first up and trial it in the frame, but I do want to see what else might fit, maybe even a cool sloper side valve engine.

    The aim is to race it in the pre war race category, no bling, no gimmicks, pure race fun.

    I pick it up on Saturday and document the parts with a few photos.

    (Anyone know any BSA afficionado's?)
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  13. Nar mate
    That was my guess of your project ! Haha
    It is a 1939 Trike though !
  14. Hmm. A 30s BSA 250 bitsa. My dad had an early 30s 250 BSA as his first bike. Although it had such sophistications as overhead valves and a saddle tank it was the cheapskate model of the range, retaining a total loss oil system with tank top sight feed and had no charging system of any kind, making night riding a matter of carrying enough battery capacity to maintain the 12W headlamp until either he got home or the sun came up, helped by riding with tail lamp only if there was a good moon.

    Allegedly, by adopting a Rollie Free type riding position and almost pulling the end off the throttle cable, it could be wound up to a genuine 60 mph as timed over a measured distance. Whilst somewhat lacking at the top end, apparently the torque was sufficient to flex the somewhat flexible frame far enough for the drive chain to occasionally jump off its sprockets under "hard" acceleration.

    Oh yes, and the magneto apparently had a tendency to apply a zillion volts to the rider's leg in wet weather :-O.
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  15. Thanks for the riding tips Pat, this should make an interesting race bike.

    At least I wont have to worry about headlamps or much else in electrics.
  16. Inciatus(?) owned several. He may respond to a pm.
  17. Day one...


    ... think I got my work cut out this time.
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  18. Where do the peddles go?

    Is there any more of it? If anyone can turn that into a bike it's you.
  19. And you're going to have this ready to rock and roll by november 11???