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Uh oh - leeking engine oil

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Zealadin, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Heya there, hope this is the right forum for this post.

    Basically I've noticed I'm losing oil slowly but surely, and after looking over my Yamaha FZX250 (Zeal) I noticed a small crack down where the oil bolt on the underside of the motor is.
    It looks like the bolt was overtightened and has split the metal its set into.
    Anyway I've loosened it in the hopes that it won't split further, BUT what can I do to fix this???

    I;ve only had my bike a short time, and it was in pretty terrible condition from the last owner, and was just about to get the paint fixed up and the forks refinished.
    Is there anything I can do to fix the damage thats causing the leak, or how would I get it fixed, I don't have much bike knowledge yet, so this looks like it could cost me $$$$.
    Should I just take it to get looked at?

  2. I've had this problem before.
    Cheapest way to make a permanent fix is:

    You will have to drain all the oil and unbolt the sump pan. Remove
    any extra pieces from inside the sump pan (e.g. oil strainer screens etc)

    Clean the sump pan and have a bike shop or an engineering firm
    aluminium-weld the crack, and re-drill and re-thread ("tap") the hole.

    Reinstall the sump pan with the screens etc and use
    a new gasket and a thin coat of gasket
    cement on the gasket (clean the connecting surfaces first).

    If you're not sure, get a shop to do it.
  3. Ok awesome that dosen't sound so impossibly difficult, was really worried that it might just need a new part, and parts for these bikes aren't exactly lieing around all over the place, anywhere near north sydney you (or anyone else) can recommend?
  4. you can use this


    to repair broken metal parts. i'v seen some one make a section of a engine case with it and last for years. can be tapped and drilled.

    but as said before you'll have to remove sump, clean any damage and then look at fixing leak. have you ever tapped a new thread before? do you have a mate that can help?

    if not ask for advice on here and well walk you through it.
  5. If you need a fix super quick, go to a wrecker and buy a used sump pan off another bike. If you take your sump with you they can check that it is exactly the same. Perhaps the more common FZR250 sump would fit as the bikes share a motor of similar/same design.
  6. I;d also advocate the used replacement sump. Motorcycle parts are die cast aluminium alloy, and when you wld them, you introduce a stress in the part. being a casting, it may or may not just crack again, definitely a huge pain in the ass, and avoided with another part.

    Regards, Andrew.