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Uh oh .. I think I'm in trouble

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by emsie, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. Well, yes, I am still on restrictions, but there's no harm doing what research I can in the 12 months while I'm waiting is there? :) No, didn't think so ;)

    So, my first bike is my vtr250. Everything just "fits" and it feels like it's an extension of me - just about what I understand the perfect bike SHOULD feel like. Bear in mind this post is just about bikes that I fit on and like the look of. I'm short :p I don't fit on many bikes :)

    When I first got my VTR250, I immediately started looking at its bigger brother - Ducati Monsters. Initially, I was hooked on the 620 - mostly cos I could upgrade to it before my restrictions were up. Then I heard they were discontinued and being replaced with a 695 so I started opening my eyes a little more .. there IS more out there after all :)

    So, shortly after that I might've gotten a little addicted to reading pretty much every bike magazine that Borders sells. There's something to be said for being able to sit in Borders, drinking a coffee and reading every magazine without spending even enough to have bought one of them :p Don't get me wrong, I do buy some .. just not all :)

    After reading many a magazine I discovered a few more bikes and I'm slowly finding out which ones I fit on :)

    My list so far of bikes I've got an eye on? In no particular order :)

    Monster 620/695 and S2R (yet to see if I fit on one but logic of the seat height vs vtr250 says I can).



    Hornet 600

    FZ6N (sat on this today .. *love* how it felt)

    Lightning/Firebolt 900s

    I'm sure there's more *laugh*.

    I've read a *lot* of reviews and I know that some of them are shite and some of them rock and some of them just should've been more (and one of them isn't even in AU yet).

    At this stage, they're the ones I'm either most likely to fit on that I've found, or that I like the look of. Obviously doesn't count making too many suspension changes or shaving the seat to fit on (unless I fall in love with it but just am not comfortable with the height).

    Anyone got anything they wanna add for me to look at? (for reference, I'm looking at seat heights 800mm and below). I've also got till about Christmas before I should really even be thinking about upgrading .. I'm just excited *laugh*

    edit: in case you hadn't noticed, I like nudies (or very minimally faired) and streetfightery looking bikes ;) Not completely averse to faired bikes but I'm sticking to nudies and streetfightery bikes in this thread ;)

  2. Very similar to my dream list. Although I'd go the faired sv650s.

    Haven't touched any of them of course since there's no way I could afford it in the foreseeable future - why torture myself?
  3. Hold out until the Triumph 'Street Triple' is released. And the new Hornet 600.

    Choices, choices. I'll be facing the same thing in a couple of months...hanging out for the new Triumph though.
  4. I quite like the GSR600, not many of them around.
  5. You'll pretty much fit on any Monster, of any age. The older ones, especially looked after, can be good value (for instance, the new Monster 695 makes about 5hp less than a 1994 M900).

    All you can do is get a list together of everything you want and go out and test-ride everything you can.
  6. I am in exactly the same situation, I have a VTR250 and was thinking of hte Monster, but what I dont like about the Ducatis is the dry clutch. They are way too noisy for my liking.

    Checking the ducaati website recently, i noticed that the S2R Monster now has a wet clutch so when I'm able to will be going for a test drive.

    I liked the looks of Tiga's Triumph even though it is a faired bike.

    Cejays Aprillia looks sweet also.

    The choices are almost unlimited.
  7. yup looks like my list did before I settled on the Hornet!

    I agree with Haggis - if your restrictions are another 12 months, then wait until we know more about the triumph Street Triple (naked 675) and the new Hornet. those two will be the contenders in 2008 is my prediction.

    First bit of advice - go to every bike store you can & start sitting on bikes. You can probably eliminate a few from the list by determining which ones are too high.

    I also loved the Yamaha FZ6n for feel, very veyr comfy. However it lacks the mid range torque that every other naked 600 has.

    Try sitting on the Z-750 - pretty low seat for a bigger bike!

    Suzi Sv was also on my list, but when I sat on it I didn't like where the pedals were.

    all I can say is do your research, try to read as many comparisons (i.e hornet vs kwaka) from bike mags as you can to see which comes out on top.

    if you need to sit on a hornet let me know!
  8. Can I sit on your Hornet?
    And give it the berries?
  9. The good thing with such a long list is the thought of so many test rides when the time comes.. :grin: :grin: :grin:
  10. Whatever you decide, you'l change your mind 10 times before your restrictions are off.
  11. hah well, yes, the good thing about having a list this long IS the amount of test riding I'll have to do, however since I can't test ride most of these legally until I'm off my restrictions, hopefully once I've made my mind up, I just buy it ;)
  12. +1
    I have a list, and it has remained prety much the same... But the order of bikes on the list changes almost daily...
  13. Even if you can't take them out for a spin, sitting on each will weed out a few I'm sure.

    Case in point, a rather short mate of mine had his heart set on a trumpy, and by seat height alone, it should have been fine. When he finally did get to throw a leg over, however, he found that the width caused a few problems. Out went the trumpy!
  14. I'm going to cry if I have to rule out too many cos of width .. at that point I'll SERIOUSLY be considering getting the seat trimmed :p
  15. Just my thoughts:

  16. LOL!
    What bikes would you suggest as a first big bike then, Cammo?
  17. From a Ducati perspective.
    The new 695 is quite a quick little jigger and having only 4 hp than an older 900m and weighing less is a bonus.
    The S2R in 800 goes quite well and will mono into 2nd gear, (a customer of mine used to do it all the time) the S2R1000 is a great piece of kit. Dry clutch though.

    For Cambo, if it does not have a dry clutch it is not a true Ducati.
    Release the rattle, release the rattle. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. i went from the vt250 spada to the 900 hornet and haven't looked back.

    OMG!!! :shock: :)
  19. Anything in green text.