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Ugly tv ad...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by D1300, Nov 11, 2008.

  1. For the last few weeks every other time I sit down to watch some tv with a beer and a snack (usually some sort of chips) after a work, this skin scaling ad comes on.

    So I'm eating chips and am subjected to some demo of a ped thingo egg device that's scaling feet skin and the shredded skin is proudly displayed just as I take a bite of a chip!

    What possesses these people to put this ad on so frequently in prime time? Am I the only one disgusted by skin being grated like parmesan cheese while I eat?
  2. Where do you think parmesan cheese comes from?
    Smells the same too!
  3. Yummy!

    Seriously though, I hate that ad with a passion.
  4. Not if it's Italian Parmesan!

    Yeah that ad is a bit weird - and I'm not entirely sure that's real skin that they're tipping out of it ...... I mean if you were losing that much skin every time you used it, you wouldn't have much heel left. :shock:
  5. Just vomit on your Lounge Room Floor. You'll feel better in no time.
  6. TV?

    phong =P~
  7. Is that before or after the tampon ad during dinner time telling me I can now wear white skirts? :?
  8. The worsr is when your eating and those smoking add's come on, where they show a cut open lung, or they show a brain being cut open and the brain of a smoker and non smoker and all the puss runs out :beer: YUMMY!!!
  9. The absolute worst thing is those ads are shown for 10 minutes as opposed to the regular 30 secs. Oddly enough, I dont find the motorbike ad disturbing (too much), the one where his arm wears out on the ashphalt.
    At least we know all the adds work. THey DO put people off smoking etc.
    my brothers tried quiting five times, every time those adds come on. lol
  10. I'm still confused about those anti-smoking ads.

    "This is a healthy lung, from a deceased healthy person. Over here we have a diseased lung, from a diseased smoker. Both of these people are deceased... but this one is more deceased than the other"

  11. What about "Stiff and Stiff", insanely annoying, channel is changed immediately.
  12. yeah nearly as disturbing as the new advert on fox these days for Thrush treatment!! it came on when we were eating dinner & my boyfriend nearly spewed.
  13. You're just jealous... :p :LOL:
  14. Inever was good at piano. :LOL:
  15. Why, was he eating yoghurt?
  16. Dunno about yoghurt, but it put me off Weight Watchers cottage cheese for a while .... :shock:
  17. It's not just the ads.
    I remember a while back sitting down for dinner in front of the telly.
    Turned it on to see "Australias biggest looser". Participants of that show swimming in a pool, with footage from the underwater camera. Rolls of blubber trying to surface. Yuck!
  18. I think that's why 20:1 is on later. Nobody want's to see Bert whilst they are eating.
  19. No worse than tampon or maxi slim pad advertisements with chicks doing backflips and cartwheels and shit.

    I always get mental pictures of someone spraying tomato sauce in the air, makes me sick :evil: